Sunday, December 7, 2008

December 7th, We Remember

We remember those who sacrificed, and are proud.

My own father grew up during the depression and worked in the CCC camps that created the infrastructure for this nation’s parks. He was on a Navy destroyer in the Atlantic on the day that Pearl Harbor was bombed. They immediately received orders to sail through the Panama Canal to join in the defense of the Pacific. He spent almost all of WWII at sea and exited the Navy one year after the war. He went on the University of Washington and became a successful land developer. Today he resides in Anacortes, Washington.

I think it’s important to remind people of the timeline. One decade prior to this day in 1941 this country was going through a time of major economic upheaval. Germany and Europe likewise went through economic upheaval one decade prior to WWI. If you go back even further in time, you will see the same sequence repeated over and over.

These are the “events” that tend to follow times of economic stress. It is important that those who have died are honored by future generations NOT making the same mistakes.

Misallocations in society are a very serious matter with ramifications much larger than most people give credit. Those who encourage bubble building are not aware of the ramifications.

Our own economy is completely misallocated. We now spend more on our military than the rest of the entire world combined. More than half the jobs in the United States are either directly or indirectly related to our government. Bright and shiny new sports stadiums arose in every major city while schools struggle to afford supplies for teachers and children?

We, the people, need to refocus our priorities and economic systems in such a way that we can move civilization forward in a constructive manner whose over riding goal should be survival of the species, certainly not war.

We, the people, can ensure it doesn’t happen again, but to get there we all must understand that it is the economy and the allocation of Earth’s resources that are at the root cause of conflict. I encourage everyone to think about this connection, and to think about how we can create an economic system that is fair and lasting. It is our system, but it is controlled by others whose agenda does not align with common sense morals and ethics. We need to return the control of our economy to the people and to truly free markets that are guided by moral and ethical goals and constraints. There is a better way.