Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My MONEY 'tis to me Sweet Land of Liberty...

…of thee I siiiinng!

Most Americans have probably never given a single thought to the CONNECTION between their liberty (their freedoms) and their country’s money or economic health. This is a subject that was CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD BY OUR FOREFATHERS but has since fallen wayside to a case of Bud (now foreign owned), American Idol, and a mind numbing food supply consisting of 90% corn syrup! I know it’s been awhile, but using our brains for a change won’t hurt; we’ll get through a little discussion here if we first just take another shot of insulin, caffeine, or Ritalin so that we can all FOCUS for a little while, okay? Of course I say that while pounding back another half gallon of Starbucks espresso blend!

When confronted with the math – the numbers – that simply no longer add up, people’s reaction is clearly one of shock. OH MY GOD, what have we done!? To experience that reaction yourself, you should read my previous article in my new “Cut the Crap” series, entitled simply, “Death by Numbers(on sale now for a monthly subscription of only $7.99, or get it for FREE here: http://www.mediafire.com/?m4yjy4fx3dz). Those numbers really say almost everything that needs to be said about where we are - at least to those who understand the ramifications – Fiscal Suicide.

The REALIZATION of a death is a traumatic and emotional experience. It IS GOING TO HAPPEN in some form to our economic system – the MATH says so – so from my perspective it is best to get through the grieving process and move on.

But obviously Bernanke, Paulson, Bush, and almost every other knuckleheaded Ivy League economist WISHES it weren’t so and thus they delay, and stimulate, and slash rates AS IF their ACTIONS will change the outcome and we can all avoid the day of reckoning! And yet their actions have indeed changed the outcome! History will show that they have EXPONENTIALLY WORSENED THE MATH and thus unwittingly SPEEDED our journey to fiscal road kill. History will not be kind, nor will I.

SO, our nation’s debts are SKYROCKETING while our tax base (income) is PLUNGING. And a never ending parade of “professional” “economists” and politicians on teevee keep telling us that THE SOLUTION to those problems is to pile on more debt and to cut taxes (income)? HUH?

Let me ask you something… Does your inner-child not question that math? Does it scream in agony at you as it knows the TRUTH, but yet their smooth words over-power your natural reason when you hear, “Our number one priority is to STIMULATE THE ECONOMY NOW TO SHOCK IT BACK TO LIFE, and we will worry about the rest later.

And what does your inner-child say when you hear that it’s okay for tax breaks to go the wealthy because their stimulation will “trickle down” through the rest of the economy? Did that ever make sense? And how does that inner-child feel about giving large portions of YOUR tax MONEY to the pigmen (oops, there’s that word again, I’ll have to work on that) who run the “federal” banks?

In case you can’t tell, my inner-child is throwing a MAJOR tantrum, and I still contend that any two year old has a greater chance at achieving a better outcome to this crisis than the pigmen who brought us here.

So, let's be adults and talk about where we've been, how we got to this place, and how we can make it better in the future. For truly people SHOULD NOT BE SHACKLED by a medium of exchange that is of their own invention. That is NOT Freedom.

Right now our economy is a ‘B’ horror show like the ones where the man-made computers have run amok taking over the entire globe, and the entire time you’re just sitting there cramming your mouth with butter “flavored” popcorn, thinking out loud, “PULL THE GODDAMN PLUG ALREADY, you morons!” But wow, I really took a detour there, so let’s get back on subject…

Now that the road kill cat’s out of bag, to even have a chance of understanding a better way forward, you must have an inkling of where it began. After all, even road kill was a living creature that had a bright and shiny future until one day…

My point is that our forefathers saw this coming.

And so did I and a lot of other people with common sense and the ability to do 2nd grade math, but NOT Bernanke, Paulson, Bush, Greenspan, nor anyone you ever saw allowed to talk in any “main stream” media! Guess what, there’s a reason for that, but I’ll leave that now for you to ponder while we return to our insightful forefathers:

For those of you whose “focus” drugs have worn off a little already…
…it was Thomas Jefferson who said, “Never spend your money before you have it.”

For those whose attention drugs are holding out a little better…

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
- Thomas Jefferson, Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury, Albert Gallatin (1802)

And look at where we are today! Who controls the issuance of our currency? Do you think it is the Treasury who rolls new twenty dollar bills off the printing press? NO, that is NOT how the vast majority of money is created. IT IS CREATED THROUGH THE ISSUANCE OF NEW DEBT! In fact, ALL MONEY IS ISSUED AS DEBT. And there USED TO BE a reserve requirement, but no longer. And lest anyone is still confused, our FEDERAL BANKING SYSTEM IS NOT FEDERAL AT ALL, it is PRIVATE, and thus the issuance of our currency is through the PRIVATE banks just like Jefferson warned. And so, first by INFLATION (what most adults spent their lives experiencing), and then by DEFLATION (what we are now experiencing and which adults cannot fathom), THE BANKS AND CORPORATIONS that will grow up around the banks, WILL DEPRIVE PEOPLE OF ALL PROPERTY UNTIL THEIR CHILDREN WAKE-UP HOMELESS! And what is happening NOW?

But the last sentence of this famous quote is the real “money” line, “THE ISSUING POWER SHOULD BE TAKEN FROM THE BANKS AND RESTORED TO THE PEOPLE TO WHOM IT PROPERLY BELONGS.” Can I get an “AMEN!” Heck yeah! Now we’re singing, “My MONEY ‘tis to thee sweet land of LIBERTY!”

You see, Jefferson was THE PRINCIPAL AUTHOR of the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE in 1776, AND he was the third President of the United States (1801 -1809), just in case our focus drugs are wearing thin (gulp, another slug of espresso). Jefferson didn’t just KNOW history, he MADE it. And he had what I call “future vision” (I see things in the future too, but perhaps I’ve simply had too much caffeine!). So, while he was writing and signing our Declaration of Independence, and doing little things like being President of a new and aspiring country, I wonder what they might have been thinking on the other side of the Atlantic?

While I can’t speak for all Europeans, I do know that the Rothschild family was emerging to control much of the banking system throughout Europe in Germany, Switzerland, England, France, and Italy. This was the same dynasty that profited from MARKET MANIPULATION (role modeling) as Napoleon was being defeated at Waterloo (Nathan Rothschild), and it was another Rothschild who famously said the following:

“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”
- Mayor Amschel Rothschild (1773-1855)

My point being that while we may have won our War of Independence, we ultimately gave up control of our central banking function. Our current interest bearing, fractional reserve, fiat money banking system was designed and implemented by the powerful banks – for THEIR profit, NOT YOURS. And to this point you may ask, “But you are saying the central banks should NOT be private, how are they any different than any other business?” And I will answer that question, but you must have patience and learn a little bit more about money and how we got to where we are first, before you can understand where I think this is likely to go and what I think a better destination might look like. If I were to go there directly, without this knowledge, you may dismiss what I propose out of ignorance, as many did when I began selling all my real estate holdings in the year 2005 and my equity holdings in the year 2007.

Just in case you, like nearly everyone else, have NO IDEA what an interest bearing, fractional reserve, fiat money system is, then, may I politely invite you to read my article entitled very simply, “Huh? Interest Bearing Fractional Reserve Money by Fiat… Doh!” which you can find here: (coming soon)

And if that article leaves you in a stupor, then, may I politely ask you to view this video production by the Misis Institute? Yes, it is a little stodgy and could be jazzed up with some good car chase scenes, a little bare skin, and guns with action figures who can CURVE the bullets, but overall, it gets the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and is also UL listed and compliant:

How are those FOCUS drugs doing? Man, this is some good shit. Pass the stuff over here, maaann.

Uh, okay, minor flashback there, college days, whew, I can barely remember those, but hey, I never inhaled! But before that little episode I was talking about our founding fathers and how they knew that we would be SCREWED if we didn’t control our central banking function and how they also appreciated the connection between FREEDOM, SECURITY, AND MONEY…

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
- Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759>

A concept WHICH THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION DOES NOT UNDERSTAND, but which I will try to explain from my now fully caffeinated perspective...

FREEDOM AND SECURITY are TIED TOGETHER by MONEY, and they are INSEPARABLE. They all dance together, but, they dance together on the top of a balance beam!

Let me explain:

If the resources of a country are solely devoted to SECURITY:

Then there will be no real economy left for society. President Reagan is credited for winning the Cold War based on this principle. We led an arms race against the Soviet Union and their economy was not able to keep pace. You know how that turned out! By the way, I flew some of the first IMF missile treaty inspectors into Siberia when I was in the Air Force in the late 1980’s during the Cold War and had the privilege to stay in and tour some of their cities. At that time it was like stepping into a time machine and going back to the 1930’s. Socialism was NOT working out economically, and one look at the quality of their health care would make anyone embrace free market principles!

The Soviet’s OVERREACTION and focus on Reagan’s SDI initiative BANKRUPTED their nation.

I know this will be very controversial, but I have contended from the beginning that OUR OVERREACTION to the events of 9/11 has, in fact, BANKRUPTED our nation. Of course we were well on our way there already, but it was definitely a very heavy straw placed onto the back of our economic camel.

That’s what happens when you lose sight of the big picture, the FOREST through the TREES. Want a hint that you’re headed too far in one direction? WHEN YOUR COUNTRY SPENDS AS MUCH ON THEIR MILITARY AS ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES ON THE PLANET COMBINED, it’s time to stand back and look at the FOREST – Gump!

So, while you are spending yourself senseless on the pursuit of SECURITY, you are actually making yourself LESS secure once you cross that fine line that is WAY, WAY, before the point we are at now. And is it just me, or does anyone else picture Osama Bin Laden sitting in a cave laughing his ass off? And, from my perspective we are now WAY MORE AT RISK AND LESS SECURE THAN EVER. In fact, our overindulgence in government, military, and “security” has left us in debt to the rest of the world while our actions have spawned MORE hatred and more potential enemies. Thus it is a negative feedback loop that leads to no place your grandchildren will appreciate.

NO, I am not weak on our security. IT IS A BALANCE for LONG TERM protection.

And I must add that legislation such as the Homeland Security Act, directly attempts to gain security at the cost of freedom, both by spending money we do not have and by diminishing individual rights and increasing the powers of the government.

Of course all you rednecks are shouting, “shut the heck up you PUSSY! You don’t LOVE America or you would be wearing a lapel pin American flag when you done there talk like that… BOY!”

They continue, “Why THEY have a secret plan; if YOU only knew what THEY do! Them boys are taking the fight to THEM, you know, the TERRORISTS. Why heck, it’s the smartest darn thing in the world we’ve done did there, to them Al qaeda LUNITICS who are drawn like flies to our military fly paper!” And he adds, “And that, there, is why you haven’t done seen another repeat of 9/11! BOY!”

SIGH. Don’t get me started on the “WAR on terror!”

Like religion and politics, I know that this is a subject that that can really hit nerves, and frankly, I hope I just hit one! Look, BIG government and BIG military lead to an inefficient country, there’s just no way around it.

And speaking of BIG government, another clue that things have gone too far is when more than half the working population works either directly or indirectly in support of the government! But that’s another subject that I’ll jump on later.

My point is that WE HAVE (had) A CHOICE, we can choose to make security the focus of our economy, or we can choose to make freedom the focus of our economy. The actions of late certainly do not resemble those of a free economy.

If, on the other hand, a country devotes its self to FREEDOM:

Then the economy generates the revenue that can be LEGITIMATELY spent on SECURITY! It’s as simple as that.

Know what? I have also found that to be true in my personal life. If your actions are focused on gaining security, you can find yourself lacking in freedom, and if you overdo it, may actually sacrifice security. I’m not just talking about physical security; I’m also talking about your wealth and your relationships with others.

I know, I know… it’s a touchy feely subject, but like all things in life, moderation and balance seem to be key. Again, FREEDOM, SECURITY, and MONEY are all linked. Neglect any one, or obsess on one and you may find that Nate’s rule about accidents might just come up and bite you! What rule is that? It’s just a simple FACT that the ACCIDENT involving YOU is usually not the one you see coming! It’s the one YOU DON’T see that gets you. Thus, you are well served to pick your eyes up off the TREE and begin to look around the FOREST – Gump!

And thus we circle back around to DEBT… it is a shackle around the necks of those who owe. That can be your personal debt, or it can be our national debt. Debt is the enemy of FREEDOM and yet ALL MONEY IS DEBT.

And that money is of our own creation! Or is it the creation of a few?

As we mourn the loss of a system, perhaps we need to look around and see the OTHER possibilities. Do we WANT a new system that’s just a larger version of the old system? Or, do we want to take a step up to the next rung on the Darwinian economic ladder?

The CHOICE, you will likely be told, is NOT yours to make! You will be told that you must take action and you must take it NOW, OR ELSE, HELL and BRIM FIRE DAMNATION will surely befell this great land of ours!!!

YEAH, okay, if you say so…

Personally, I believe there’s a better way. I’m working my way there, one step at a time. We’ve seen how the math just doesn’t work. And now we have come to realize that DEBT is the enemy of FREEDOM, and that we, the PEOPLE, may have won the War of Independence, but we NEVER gained control of our central banking system or our MONEY.

So, as we hear the pundits on teevee discuss this tree and that, make sure you take a caffeinated look around, for it is the roots that ultimately hold the forest up, and that is where we should be scanning for REAL problems and real SOLUTIONS. Roots.

It’s time to CUT THE CRAP America! Time is running out, we’re already half way to zero! The CHOICES of the future WILL BE MADE FOR YOU unless we all demand a well thought out system that works for US.


My COUNTRY ‘tis to thee sweet land of liberty – of thee I Siiiiinnng!

Please keep in mind that Debt to GDP comparisons are not valid in my judgment, and also that the numbers have already grown exponentially since this was made a short time ago.

– 30 minute version