Friday, December 26, 2008

Spend some Time with the Good Dr. Bartlett…

The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See! Arithmatic, Population, and energy...

The concept of compounding numbers, exponential growth, and exponential curves is indeed one of the keys to understanding what has happened to our economy over the past century. The way the math works is simple, yet not intuitive to most people. If we’re going to produce a SUSTAINABLE system going forward, my contention is that it does not, and should not be based on never ending growth. Growth is great when it contributes to society, but left unchecked it quickly gets out of control and then crashes. The misallocation is a waste, and the crash is devastating to those who are caught in it. I would contend that bubble, then crash is NOT the most efficient way to advance society and to ensure survival of our species.

As you view these videos, please ask yourself who is it that profits from never ending growth? Is it you? Does it benefit our nation? Is there a monetary system that is both sustainable and flexible, allowing for growth when needed?

Most people understand the limitations to growth created by being on a rigid gold standard… we were on a hybrid gold standard/fiat system between the Bretton Woods Accord (1944) and the time Nixon took us off the gold standard entirely in 1971 – that system didn’t even last 30 years. Pure fiat has now lasted 38 years, but I contend the end of the current system is near. Is there a better system? Yes, I believe there is, but that new system must separate corporate interests from our government and we must take the central banking role back into the hands of the people – the systems we have all spent our lives under is NOT the only way it can work, and after viewing this series of videos you will see why never ending inflation/growth is destined to NOT WORK!

After viewing, your thoughts or comments on that subject are appreciated.

Below are two VERY important PARABOLIC growth charts to understand and to keep in mind while viewing Dr. Barlett's video:

Part 1 (9:17):

Part 2 (9:28):

Part 3 (9:28):

Part 4 (9:28):

Part 5 (9:28):

Part 6 (9:28):

Part 7 (9:28):

Part 8 (9:28):

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