Thursday, January 15, 2009

Harry S. Dent – The Coming Depression…

I have read every book that Harry Dent has written and even quote some of his work in my book. Yes, he is the one who famously predicted a DOW in the 30,000+ range and he was obviously not correct. HOWEVER, he is a true demographic expert, whose work I admire – he has done a lot of research into the effects of demographics, the effects of the Baby Boom generation, world wide demographics, and real estate trends.

He also has studied cycles, and especially S-curves and technology cycles so he has a good foundation. I think he is NOT, however, an Elliott Wave disciple, nor does he understand waves the way that Martin Armstrong does.

At any rate, here’s his latest thinking for what it’s worth… I think he’ll be a lot closer on this call than the vast majority of investors. Not sure about his timing of the “reprieve” I think we may be there now, but I’m open to his timing comments. I think we’ve already entered a depression, but just as most of the “experts” were a year late in recognizing a recession, most will be a year late in recognizing the depression.

Harry Dent Discusses the Coming Depression: