Monday, January 19, 2009

New JS-Kit Commenting System Enabled… IM Trading Club Beta Testing…

Already implemented is a new commenting system by JS-Kit that replaces the Blogger commenting system.

This is the same system used by Mish. Once you are registered with JS-Kit, you can create and leave posts with any JS-Kit blog. Thus, if you have ever left a comment over with Mish or any other JS-Kit site, you are registered to leave comments here as well. And if you’re not, registering is very easy, just click on the reply button and it will prompt you to register.

I noticed that a couple of comments were lost in the swap, if yours was one, please try leaving it again, thanks.

Below is a screen shot showing what the new comment section looks like:

The primary reason for the swap is that this comment system allows YOU to leave pictures and charts for ME and everyone else to see. There are other useful features as well, you can have fun with your avatar, post pictures, and even post videos (if you find a good music vid. that would be good for an article please share w/me). JS-Kit is constantly upgrading their system and new features will be coming soon. I think this is a good system that allows for forum-like thread discussions without me having to create a monstrous forum like the Ticker Forum, which I don’t have the time nor will to manage.

Once I post my Morning Update, I would like for that post to act as the beginning of the day’s thread for market updates. I will post comments and charts within that thread so that we can all follow along and share what each other see. If I have a major update requiring multiple charts or a lot of information, I will post a separate update, but ask that we stay together and post on the Morning Update thread.

In order to see the latest posts, you must refresh your thread or subscribe to receive email updates following one of your posts. When the market is moving fast, this may not be fast enough, and that’s exactly why I converse via instant messenger (IM) with a fellow trading pro. We are able to converse instantly and post charts back and forth in real time. This is better than having two sets of eyes because he sees things differently than I do and has different strengths and weaknesses.

We are going to open this IM trading club up to monitoring by a few people to test the technology with us and follow along during trading hours. We’ll meet a few minutes before the market opens to discuss what we see and we’ll update throughout the day making sure that we’re conversing going into the close (keep in mind that there will be times when we’re not available). I think the ability to see what we see in real time is extremely valuable and we intend to charge a small “club fee” based on this. Would it be worth the price of a cup of coffee to view live for an entire trading day? We definitely aren’t talking much here and intend to make it as painless in the pocketbook as possible. We haven’t set the dues schedule yet, and are now accepting requests for a few beta testers. If you’re interested, please email me directly so that I can get you started (

Once this service gets more than a few people, it will not be possible to have too many people chatting at the same time, so it is envisioned now as a service that you simply monitor our communications without input. We do want your input, but are going to ask that you ask questions or provide your input via the Morning Update post on JS-Kit. That way we can trade and have multiple people viewing our information without being distracted at a critical time. When we do have time we’ll address questions and comments on that thread.

As this service progresses we may ask some of you who show ability in your comments to participate by providing input during the IM session. Additionally, we have other people who we know are insightful and may ask for and provide “guest appearances” from time to time.

Eventually we want to improve the service and are already working towards that. In the future it will be more interactive and will have multiple “trading clubs/rooms” where like minded traders can meet to discuss the markets, share their chart work, and discuss technical insights with one another in REAL TIME.

Also, I am going to be including some guest articles from my IM trading partner in the near future. He has great insights into the markets, is a very good writer, and has a knack for making complex strategies simple. I am also open to providing fundamental or technical pieces from anyone who has a worthy article, so if you would like to contribute an article please send it via email for consideration, thanks (

Work on other site modifications are progressing, your input is always appreciated,