Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Obama: $1 trillion deficits 'for years'

CNN: Obama: $1 trillion deficits 'for years'

That headline tells the entire story, so I won’t post the rest of the article, it’s just more B.S. anyway. Well, at least he admits it. Perhaps that’s like saying, “I’m an alcoholic” – and that’s the first step, right?

In this case, though, Obama’s admission isn’t that he or our nation has a problem… no, Obama is only admitting that our nation has a symptom. According to Obama and the same old cast of characters he is surrounding himself with, the problem is that the economy is slowing. Their solution? Stimulus, stimulus, and finally – more stimulus.

Well, I have a news flash for Obama… we won’t be running trillion dollar deficits “for years.” No, exponential math is nearing the end of the line. He can try to keep exponential math going for a while, but he will not succeed, as DEBT has saturated the government, our economy, and the entire globe. To keep this level of debt growth going, the people who possess debt must be able to take on and service still more. Can we? I say no, we can’t. Obama is about to get a lesson in math, I believe.

He is not asking the right questions and, unfortunately, he is not surrounding himself with people who represent true change.

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