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G7 vow to stabilize economy… Central Banker One World, Your Worst Nightmare!

“World's richest countries pledge to fix economy.”

“The G7 remains committed to avoiding protectionist measures, which would only exacerbate the downturn, to refraining from raising new barriers and to working towards a quick and ambitious conclusion of the Doha Round," of global free trade negotiations.

OH, oh…“quick and ambitious…” free trade.

Get Ready, ‘Cause Here it Comes…

The Temptations - Get Ready:

This is exactly what I’ve been warning about in my “cut the crap” article series. The G7 members, the IMF, and the central bankers are all one in the same. They have an agenda to create a “ONE WORLD” economic system.

Is this a big conspiracy theory? No, not by all... most have simply bought into the mantra not realizing that they are pawns of the real power brokers who espouse Friedman and Keynesian economics and free trade.

While telling everyone in the world that you have been and will be saved, they neglect to tell you they are the same shady characters that created the present mess. But don’t worry, they “reiterate their commitment to fix the downturn while avoiding protectionist measures.” You can feel saved if you want, but that talk scares the hell out of me:

G7 vow to stabilize economy

A draft statement from the Group of Seven reiterates the group's commitment to fight the downturn while avoiding protectionist measures.

February 13, 2009: 4:56 PM ET

ROME, Feb 13 (Reuters) -- The G7 industrial powers, worried that protectionism is on the rise as recession bites, will promise to do all they can to combat the downturn and limit unwanted spillover effects from their actions, according to a statement being prepared for publication on Saturday.

The text, a draft of which was obtained by Reuters while G7 finance ministers were meeting in Rome, said stabilizing the economy and financial markets was their "highest priority".

"We reaffirm our commitment to act together using the full range of policy tools to support growth and employment and strengthen the financial sector," it said.

"We will continue to work together to avoid undesirable spillovers and distortions," said the text.

"The G7 remains committed to avoiding protectionist measures, which would only exacerbate the downturn, to refraining from raising new barriers and to working towards a quick and ambitious conclusion of the Doha Round," of global free trade negotiations, it said.

Are you kidding me?

"We will continue to work together to avoid undesirable spillovers and distortions.”

Ha, ha, they are the undesirable spillover and the cause of the distortions!

They push for “free trade” and vow to not place up barriers, but I contend that their intentions are anything but honorable. In fact quite the opposite. You can call it tinfoil if you wish, but here’s what I think their game is…

Their intent is to control and profit from the world’s most creative minds, from people’s labors, and from the planet’s natural resources.

They do this through the use of “free trade” and debt money that they create from nothing. They love to issue debt to countries that are struggling, because once they take it, they then are under their control and influence. The future productivity of their country, their people, and their natural recourses become theirs.

Iceland in trouble? No problem, I’m sure they can work out a loan under the right terms.

Baltic States in trouble? No problem, they can accommodate that.

Argentina defaulting on their last loan? No problem, they always have more.

Japan’s economy never recover from too much debt? No problem... here, take some more:

G-7 Says ‘Severe’ Downturn to Persist, Vows to Reverse Slump

By Simon Kennedy and Rainer Buergin

Feb. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Group of Seven finance chiefs vowed to tackle a “severe” economic downturn that will persist for most of 2009 without spelling out new steps to do so.

The G-7’s finance ministers and central bankers said in a statement released after talks in Rome yesterday that they were working to restore confidence in markets and revive the world economy. They predicted the full effect of individual rescue packages will “build over time.”

“We reaffirm our commitment to act together using the full range of policy tools to support growth and employment and strengthen the financial sector,” the statement said. “The stabilization of the global economy and financial markets remains our highest priority.”

‘Second Wave’
…As he predicted a “second wave” of countries seeking assistance, the IMF’s Strauss-Kahn signed a deal with Japan to give the lender access to an extra $100 billion after it issued loans from Iceland to Pakistan to Hungary.
The people of the world had better wake the heck up and take the red pill:

And where EXACTLY does that money come from? What did the central bankers do to create that “wealth” that they lend so freely?

They create their “money,” from nothing and write laws stating that their money is the only acceptable means of trade (taxed of course), and anyone who attempts to create their own money system will be thrown in jail! And if you attempt to conduct trade outside their system, you will again be fined and jailed.

The central bankers create this money and promote “free trade,” all the while they lend even more fiat debt to the captains of industry (family members and themselves), who then manufacture the stuff via the lowest bidder on the planet for labor and for the natural resources required.

They do not care which country does it as long as it is cheap. They care not what pollution is created, or where or how the natural resources come from. They certainly don’t care about Americans who fought and died to make their country “free.” They know full well that free trade means lowering living standards for upper tier countries and probably raising very marginally the living standards in the lower tier.

They gladly produce bubbles that subsequently crash. Thus they can alternate between euphoria and fear. They know, like I do, that debt money systems come and go.

They do not care, making new ones is easy and the larger percentage of the world that participates, the more they own and control:

Yuan Gains
The G-7 officials tempered past criticisms of Chinese currency policy, saying they welcomed the country’s bid to invigorate its economy. The nation’s commitment to a more flexible yuan should lead “to continued appreciation” in the exchange rate. Geithner, who last month accused China of “manipulating” its currency, also welcomed China’s efforts.

“The G-7 has realised that China needs to be brought into the fold of the global financial system rather than be treated as a pariah just because of yuan inflexibility,” said Geoffrey Yu, a London-based foreign-exchange strategist at UBS AG in London. “This statement will be welcomed in Beijing and help defuse the recent tension between China and the U.S.”
They are NOT fooling me. Are they fooling YOU?

Hey, you can call that tinfoil if you like, but if you do, I will counter that you are a part of the mass psychosis.

People fail to accomplish the most basic math because they are programmed and bombarded with useless but complex sounding B.S. about debt to GDP, and other such nonsense. They fail to simply add up all the DEBTS and compare them to the INCOME (Death by Numbers).

They fail to understand why one country should spend more money on their “defense” than the rest of the entire world combined. The same country who no longer manufactures anything of substance outside of the “tools” needed to arm that military industrial complex. They fail to see why that military industrial complex really exists and who profits from it.

As I’ve been saying, when we complete our Voyage to the Bottom of the 'C'... you will find the central banker, the G7, and the IMF all standing there (they are one in the same) with a multi-thousand page document (that magically appears after two days work) explaining their new debt based currency… Doesn’t matter what they call it; the dollar, the Euro, the Amero, the whatever – the point will be that they will be “saving the world while creating free trade.” What hooey. They will be passing off their debt instruments, enslaving the world, and it will happen all over again, and again, until working to enrichen them is no longer acceptable to the people.

You can call that a pessimistic view of the world, but I simply call it realistic.


I am in fact optimistic, and do believe that a “one world” economy is achievable – it’s just NOT the one world that they envision where they are in control. Quite the opposite; in my vision of a one world the central bankers would be unemployed.

My ideas don’t revolve around debt. They revolve around a money system that is brought into being through production, not debt. A money system that is owned and controlled by the people for the people. The charging of interest, is of course allowed between private parties, but not at usury rates. A political system that excludes corporate influence. Goals are set by the people with survival of the species a uniting world goal (think about the implications of that). Free trade is scaled into between EQUAL partners with equal playing fields. Competitive production, not competetive Ponzi finance.

Bubble, then bust is not the goal – survival of the species is the goal while at the same time striving for happiness as spelled out in our Constitution. If survival is the goal, then decisions become long term, not short. If survival is the goal, then new technologies remain the focus. Exploration and colonization of space becomes a focus. Alternative energies become the focus. Defense against low odds, but high risk events becomes a priority. Wars would obviously work against such a goal, especially if corporations were no longer allowed to exert influence over government.

Pie in the sky dreams? You bet. Go read the Constitution and take the red pill.

No, you won’t find any mention there about survival of the species, but you will find mention of freedom and the pursuit of happiness. When you study history, you will find that our founding fathers understood the relationship of freedom and security, and they were wise enough to fear the power and control of the central bank (My MONEY 'tis to thee...).

Why bother writing this stuff and doing a blog?

My goal is to organize THE PEOPLE to develop and work towards an economic system that exists truly on behalf of the people, not the central bankers.

No, change isn't going to come from those behind the news cameras on teevee. They are owned and controlled buy guess who?

No, real change must begin somewhere else.

How about we START with the bloggers who have been shown to truly understand what’s occurring so they can get the word out and build upon a base of solid mathematical and fundamental economic understanding?

It’s TIME to begin those discussions now and to get organized. If we don’t, when we reach the bottom of the ‘C’ there will be central bankers standing there with a stack of documents saying “sign here.” I would love to show them the door in advance by having the people preempt their efforts with an effort of our own.

Getting started on a “one world” that actually works requires that we first get our own act together. I don’t care how this is accomplished or by whom, as long as it is accomplished for the people.

I have some suggestions to start… most of what I’m talking about could be accomplished with two amendments to the Constitution. One that spells out and reiterates the goals of society and builds a long lasting, fundamentally sound dollar money system; the other spelling out the specifics for the separation of corporations and state.

Sure, it will never happen – people still have food and shelter and American Idol is still on teevee. Nate’s just being over dramatic. Uh, huh – and home prices go up in value for ever and ever.

If you can think freely from the collective, and if this sounds reasonable to you and you run a blog or would like to help organize an effort in this regard, please contact me at


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