Friday, February 27, 2009

Mervyn King – Don’t Blame Him…

Bank of England Governor (central banker), Mervyn King, claims that he was “powerless, so keep that in mind,” and don’t blame him for bank failures!

Ha, ha… that’s hilarious. Of course England has NO, as in ZERO, bank reserve requirement. No, he had no control over that, don’t blame him for the banks leveraging up to infinitive heights.

Not taking responsibility while asking for taxpayer bailouts is a central banker recurring theme. Yes, they are at the heart of the matter and are to blame. It was his predecessors that met and signed onto the Bretton Woods agreement, and it has been them that profited beyond imagination while permeating the world with debt. It was central bankers who abandoned the concept of usury and it was them who manipulated and called for changes to the bankruptcy laws for the people, effectively preventing them from losing unsecured debt in the bankruptcy process. Yet, now that they are bankrupt, they don’t even want to go to court, they want the very same people who they charge 30% on their credit cards to come in and bail them out.

Mr. King looks scared to me, like he’s facing a crowd armed with stones. Don’t blame him; he’s just in charge of the entire regulatory system under which the banks in England operate:

By request, a great song choice for Mr. King. Like Point says, "Yep, just like no one was to blame in 1929, either."

Howard Jones - No One Is To Blame:

See, I do requests when appropriate! LOL