Saturday, February 21, 2009

Military Spending – Obama, you promised change!

I’m going to cut through the crap for you. We have bankrupted our nation on behalf of the central bankers, many of whom own and promote our Keynesian military industrial complex.

We spend more on our “defense” than the rest of the entire world combined. That is the definition of insanity, it does NOT enhance security, it compromises our freedoms and ultimately will end in our economic demise making us FAR MORE VULNERABLE in the long run (My MONEY 'tis to thee...).

We are blessed as a nation with massive natural resources and easily defensible oceans that span thousands of miles both east and west. Yet, we, the people, have collectively bought into the argument that we must “fight them over there or we will surely fight them over here” B.S. mentality.

NO, fighting them over there only breeds MORE hatred of our country and requires never ending money that we do not possess. This, of course, is no problem for the central bankers and owners of the military industrial complex, there’s always more money to create never ending growth – or so they think.

They are about to be proven as wrong as all the empires throughout the history of mankind have likewise been when they attempt to control the entire planet.

I’m going to keep beating this drum over and over again until the nonsense stops! President Obama was elected on the platform of CHANGE. I saw him speak in Seattle and heard him, in person, describe how he was going to get us out of Iraq. Yes, he had the clarity of thought to KNOW that the second invasion of Iraq was a false flag and he refused to vote for it. BRAVO! Yet, he somehow now believes that we can make up for our past mistakes in Afghanistan by sending in more troops now. NO, Mr. President, it is too late for that, you are entering a quagmire that you cannot possibly finish:

Here’s the reality, Mr. Obama… this type of war is not meant to be won! DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR CURRENT SET OF KEYNESIAN ADVISORS, they are leading you down a primrose path to never ending military and deficit spending. People who have followed this blog are probably sick of Chalmers Johnson, but if you have not viewed these nor heard his wisdom, please listen up:

Chalmers Johnson – Keynesian Military Spending (6 minutes):

Chalmers Johnson – DECLINE of EMPIRES: The Signs of Decay (1:03):

Mr. Johnson is exactly correct. Most people see charts like this that are bad enough, and show what a large percentage of our budget is spent on national defense:

When you compare our military budget to the rest of the world, it looks like this, which is ridiculous:

But that chart does not tell the whole story. It does not include the budget for “homeland security” nor off balance sheet spending on nuclear weapons, and so forth. When you add in all the spending that is for “defense” that is NOT included in the Pentagon or military budgets, the total dwarfs that spent by the entire globe! That is simply insane.

Unless, of course, you manufacture weapons or profit in some other way from that spending… If you do, you don’t hesitate to lobby politicians to get your way, do you?

It’s time to wake up America. Your future and that of your children is being robbed.

No, I’m not weak on defense! I think spending maybe only HALF of what the rest of the world spends gets back within the limits that can be called “sane.”

I’ve been there and seen the waste. I’ve flown huge transport planes around the globe - EMPTY! I’ve heard the excuses for doing so. I am sick of people who think they are patriotic but do not understand how we are bankrupting ourselves cry about the “war on terror.” We don’t need to fight a “war on terror,” we need to fight a war on mass psychosis, delusional thinking, and a lack of understanding of math.

Furthermore, we need to separate corporations from state so that rational decision making can take place.

Mr. Obama, we don’t need nor want more troops in Afghanistan. We need ADULT LEADERSHIP and we need it NOW.

Donovan – Universal Soldier:

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