Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ron Paul Questions Bernanke - Must View...

I found both pieces of Ron Paul's testimony. His first two minutes NAILED IT. He is the ONLY one speaking the TRUTH. Watch the reaction at the end... sad and disgusting. No one wants to hear it and all the other Senators are showing their allegiance to the bankers. He is 100% correct!

Ron Paul Questioning Ben Bernanke - 2 minutes:

Notice the fake "slight" and big interruption during Paul's question. Just a few minutes later, CNBS cut out of this segment on air, but you don't see that here. At the end, he gets cut off again. Our media and people like Barney Frank will get theirs in the end. Ron Paul is correct, yet they treat him like he's a moonbat. He's the only sane one in the room all the others are moonbats! The truth always resonates and they can't stand it... very sad:

Later in the day - 5 minutes: