Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Dawn’s Early Light… Calling all PEOPLE to get us through the night!

Following every darkness comes the dawn.

It was a rainy night of darkness on September 13th, 1814 – 194 years ago – when Francis Scott Key wrote the words to our Star Spangled Banner. He watched the twilight’s last gleaming as Fort McHenry was relentlessly pummeled and its flag battered.

But the dawn came, and Key saw that the fortress had survived bearing witness as the flag emerged inspiring the now illustrious words to the Star Spangled Banner:

Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?

Whitney Houston - Star Spangled Banner:

When Whitney gave that moving and seemingly effortless performance, Americans were still bathing in the brilliant glow of the biggest credit bubble in the history of mankind. Today they are feeling the dank of the darkness making that light peaking over the horizon difficult to see.

Like the darkness of night, the light is always there, it’s just right on the other side. But it’s only there because the PEOPLE will eventually take their destiny into their own hands when the situation becomes intolerable. That’s how significant change begins.

The economic problems are HUGE and they are SYSTEMIC. History shows that sweeping change comes only at the hands of the people and never at the hands of the bankers or politicians in Washington D.C.. Think about that – the civil rights movement, labor rights, women’s rights, environmental protection – all these significant changes did NOT originate with politicians, they originated with the PEOPLE.

WE, THE PEOPLE… not the politicians and certainly NOT the central bankers.

Our money/banking, corporate, and political structures are all tied together. One cannot be materially fixed without addressing the other. This is critically important to understand. Our forefathers understood the connection, yet today each issue is framed individually when in fact they all work together.


To date, all attempts to “do something” have been largely to benefit the banks. The cry has been to provide “liquidity” to the system. But liquidity is NOT the solution, it is the PROBLEM. Printing money or creating credit is easy! It adds NO REAL VALUE to anything. We are caught in the circle of attempting to create money and loan it to ourselves. That is a trap that has always failed.

While good hearted people who recognize the problems try to explain the actions of the Federal Reserve, they frame them in the context of what would be best for the PEOPLE. Their misunderstanding is that the Federal Reserve does not exist on behalf of the people, they exist on behalf of the bankers. Once that concept is figured out, their actions become clear.

When debt is created, it must be repaid. There are only two ways to pay back debt; you either pay it back (with interest), or you default. “Printing” to inflate away debt is a myth. When you do so, you debase your currency and thus all future earnings will buy you less. Thus you are paying back the debt, with interest, in other ways.

The People are saturated with debt. This is a serious problem as incomes are not rising enough to service the ever increasing amounts of credit that would be required to continue growth and expansion.

The Government, on all levels, is saturated with debt. This will mean more tax burden on the same people who are already saturated with debt.

Understanding the symptoms is one thing, but getting to the roots of the problems is another. We believe that the roots of overspending on all levels can be found in the interaction of our money system and ability of corporations to influence politics.

While changing that relationship may sound daunting, it may be possible to affect long term change with straightforward legislation or even through amendments to our Constitution that would define and separate central banker and corporate influence from our money and political systems.

This is NOT a radical concept, it is a concept that our founding fathers understood and built the foundation of our Constitution upon. Today the meaning has been distorted and provisions have been ignored. While our founders, like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, understood the relationships between private banks, money, security, and freedom, they could not have envisioned how permeated our country has become with corporate influence and debt.

The current problems should not just be fixed; they should be banished to the books of history forever. That is possible IF we can all work TOGETHER. Our money, political, and economic systems belong to the PEOPLE. They were invented by people and can be made BETTER by the PEOPLE for the long term – for the sake of all our futures and the futures of coming generations.

While we saw this crisis develop, and we think we understand some of the root causes, we acknowledge that NO SINGLE PERSON HAS ALL THE ANSWERS. Understanding root causes and synthesizing solutions that last can only happen THROUGH A PROCESS.

Many Bloggers, and others, have put forth a great deal of time, money, and effort trying to get the politicians to do the right things. While those efforts were heroic, they have not yet developed critical mass. This is because we have all been speaking individually. IT IS TIME TO SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE, THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE.

Therefore, it is my pleasure to outline and introduce a concept for the PEOPLE’S PROCESS. I call upon all people, and especially those with established blogs to join me in propelling that process forward by signing on this document and by promoting it onward to others. Real and lasting change does not come easy, but it is NOT TOO LATE. We must begin this process now, however, before those with ulterior motives come forward with their “plans.” You will find NO ulterior motives here, we want only to offer support to America and to future generations to come.

Together, we see where our economy is headed. We know the underlying math, and we know that the actions to date only make that math worse, not better. We are convinced that at this point the negative outcome is assured – politicians will continue to "do something" but no matter what that thing is, they cannot undo the damage. Those who created the problems ARE NOT CAPABLE OF FIXING THEM AS THEY ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Do NOT underestimate the challenges of these times. They are so severe that our founders may not recognize today's America as a product of their invention.

As we gaze into the future we believe we see what's coming… at some point in the degeneration process the central bankers will come in with the mother of all rescues… one that is game changing in regards to the underlying debt and currency. Our concern is that their proposed changes will ultimately be more of the same but bigger system that requires never ending growth at their benefit while they take more control of the world's human and natural resources through the use of debt.

That is NOT, in our opinions, what our founding fathers had in mind.

Further, it is our concern that the world's central bankers will spring this new plan onto the people at the height of fear. They will proclaim to be everyone's savior as they offer a way forward for otherwise bankrupt nations. At the height of the fear, a multi-thousand page document will suddenly appear – simply sign here to be "saved."

This is not some wild conspiracy theory; it is in fact, how our money system has been changed time and again throughout our history. The current version of which began with the signing of the Bretton Woods Agreements in July, 1944. It was President Nixon who entirely removed our currency from the gold standard in 1971. In the short 38 years since, we have seen high inflation, spiking interest rates and the end of usury laws to tamp down inflation, a plummeting dollar, a massive credit bubble that has spawned global bubbles and imbalances and now crashing asset values of all kinds throughout the entire globe. That’s quite an exciting track record but not a very stable system!

We think it is possible to jointly identify problems with current and past systems and to offer lasting solutions. We understand that the PERFECT system has not yet been developed. Modifying the current system will require a process - one that could lead to a more perfect union that moves our country up the evolutionary ladder to the next rung.

Thus, we propose to work together to preempt the central bankers by developing a critical mass of awareness and to offer an alternative future that is by the people and for the people.

If we don't do it, who will? The same people who created the current problems? Who fully understands the problems, the history, the intent of our forefathers, the math, currency systems, and can synthesize a future that works going forward?

While we would like to give President Obama more time to affect change, he is surrounded by many of the same old people and has worsened the situation by pressing for more bailouts and stimulus that we simply cannot afford with money we do not have. While his words sound good, his actions so far are not following a responsible course. Doing nothing would, in fact, be better than making the math worse.

From our point of view, implementing lasting change cannot come from any one individual, it must be born of a process.

How can we start and influence that process? Here are our thoughts…

We, and other bloggers, sponsor and hold a "People’s Economic Summit." No, we are not looking for the critical mass of millions. What we want to do is work together to influence other key bloggers… people who would be helpful in developing a realistic approach and who have the draw to get others involved.

Here are the steps the way we see them, but we are open to improvements and suggestions:

1. Choose a date and location for a three day convention. Procure the facility. Theme: The American Flag & teabags. Tagline: “America’s Broke – Follow the Money to Fix it” or some other catch phrase as decided by the people.

2. Create a list of influential bloggers, economists, and celebrities – invite/recruit them to come to the convention and get them to in turn promote the convention and invite "the people" to attend.

The idea is to involve the PEOPLE. To solicit their participation in a NEW BEGINNING, and allowing them input to the direction the committee will propose moving forward. If the mass of people becomes too great for our space, great, let them overflow outdoors. Give attendees who have something to say time to briefly speak about their ideas to the attendees.

The theme of the conference is Americans for America – professional appearance, ideas, and thoughts by proud Americans, not some radical sounding group. This would offer the people in the mainstream a group and a cause to get behind. There are groups out there now attempting this, but they do not act nor sound reasonable. We need clear headed people acting properly and presenting themselves clearly and rationally to spell out the problems and to work towards solutions.

3. Challenge Bloggers and economists to develop a proposed LONG TERM wish list of how they would want to see America's economy, money system, and political system changed, with an emphasis on staying as close to the current Constitution as possible.

4. Publicize & Promote. Ask for help drawing in the media and also videotaping this "historic meeting of the minds." Maybe invite sympathetic media people to participate? Glenn Beck? Other media/ celebrities? Who wouldn't be flattered to be invited to participate in developing a people's solution to the current problems? Again, the more participants the better. Central Bankers NOT invited – sorry.

5. On the first day allow about 3 hours of key note speeches from people who wish to be a part of the "People’s Economic Council."

6. Hold an election at the convention to "elect" the "People's Economic Council." This would be about 9 individuals who the people think would be most likely to affect a positive outcome.

7. Once the council is elected, they proceed to elect a Chairman and other officers such as a secretary, etc.

8. The chairman then implements a two day agenda which sets out to accomplish the following:
a. Flesh out ideas and thinking of the council members.
b. Narrow the list of proposals down through a process of elimination amongst the council, who also seek input and advice from key outside people… Here we would try to bring in input on specific subjects from known industry experts. This draws them into the process and builds acceptance. The more people who have some sort of the say, the bigger the buy in.
c. Produce an outline of a possible "path of the people forward."
9. If a consensus can be reached on an outline, then set a date for next meeting, assign tasks to council members. If no consensus can be reached, it's over.

10. With consensus, begin an action plan.

a. Form sub-committees, appoint volunteers, and assign tasks.
b. Draft proposed legislation if required.
c. Draft proposed amendments to Constitution if required.
d. Draft petitions that all participants can support and simultaneously place on their sites and promote.
e. Work towards a rally of a million plus people to be held simultaneously in Washington D.C. and in cities across the Country.
f. Create subgroups of volunteers to work on promotion and fund raising just like an election.
g. Raise funds and promote, promote, promote. The mantra being that a solution by the people for the people will beat a solution of the bankers for the bankers. “America’s Broke – Follow the Money to Fix it”
That's the idea in a nutshell. Can it work? Will it achieve critical mass? Maybe, but no single person is going to affect the necessary change all by themselves. If we don’t all ban together to find common ground now, then as the markets fall and fear rises, those in power will certainly come forward and we would not have the time to do this later.

We need help to get this going today. We need volunteers, support staff, and other Bloggers to get the word out. We need your help to let others know what we are doing and to ask them to get involved.

Who would be a good representative to persuade to get involved? How should the process proceed? Do you possess special skills such as Art work, HTML, video, photography, fund raising, legal, accounting, writing and other skills will be needed? If nothing else, please offer your ideas and input.

The help of the people who follow our Blogs will be critical… you are the PEOPLE. The time to be passive spectators has past. The time for action is here. If you can help or would like to sign on to this effort, please contact me at

You, and people like you are the dawn’s early light that will overcome the darkness.

Please lend a hand and pass along the word. HOPE alone, is NOT a strategy. Our futures and those of our children are all linked, so let’s work together… “America’s Broke – Follow the Money to Fix it.”

Sincerely and with all respect,

Nate Martin


And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Faith Hill – Star Spangled Banner:

"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Ghandi

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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