Wednesday, March 25, 2009

JS-Kit Technical Problems...

Sorry. It's amazing how it stops working right when you need it most.

I just received this message from the CEO of JS-Kit after contacting him for the umptenth time in the past couple weeks...

Re: JS-Kit down... again!

Hi Nathan,

Yes, you are correct, we are experiencing a severe increase in new
sites using the service, see our post today. This was combined with
a flaw in our blogger synchronizing code that froze some comment
services. The system should be back-up now. We have disabled
the sync. software until the bug is resolved so we avoid another
instance of the outage today.

We are working 24x7 to expand the data center. You can trust that
scaling is our number one priority and that our best engineers are
hard at work building a solution.

My apologies for the impact to your site and my thanks for your notifying
me of your experience.

Be Well,


Khris Loux, CEO JS-Kit

I hope he gets it right, I will not tolerate much more.