Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Martin Armstrong – Is it Time to Turn Out the Lights?

From Behind Bars on his IBM Selectric…
I cannot stress enough that the level of volatility that we are experiencing during this financial crisis is just well beyond even that experienced during the early stages of the Great Depression and is more akin to the collapse of Rome.
In case you didn’t catch Martin’s last rendition, you can find it here: Martin Armstrong's Latest... from behind bars. I include links there for you to research Armstrong’s background.

Well, he has published another article, and this one is good too with many valid points, especially about capital flows and very pointed history lessons as well. Here is a link to the entire new .pdf article: Is it Time to Turn Out The Lights?

I like that version although he does get very technical and degenerates a little at the end. Contrahour edited the piece down and you can view their version here: Contrahour – Armstrong’s Article.

His thinking is way above most and outside the box compared to regular commentators you hear. I strongly suggest you read and think outside the box the way the politicians and bankers want to define it. They are both boxing in the issues to their benefit, not yours.

Would love to hear your comments or thoughts.