Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama the Anti-Paper, Anti-Bubble Economy President...

Hey Ben, print up another Trillion, will ya?

Here’s a classic… Not but a couple hours prior to the FOMC meeting, President Obama gives a rant about getting away from an all paper bubble driven economy, but then his Fed Chairman turns around and announces $1.15 TRILLION in new printing.

Love the irony.

Doesn’t he sound great as he bashes AIG, who we learn was a contributor to his campaign? His rant begins about 2:50 into the video and continues for a couple minutes.

How about a nice rant about how nice it would be to REMOVE COMPLETELY corporate influence from our government? Would they then be able to make long term decisions in the best interest of the people and not just the central bankers? Maybe – I think this strikes right at the heart of the problems. So many bad aspects of our economy and politics would be fixed by simply separating corporation from state.