Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Obama Deception…

Hat tip Arno who mentioned that this film would probably be better called “The Government Deception” and I agree.

I posted Obama’s 60 Minute interview as well as many other videos with him presenting his take on the economy and other world issues.

I am now posting a 1 hour, 50 minute video done by Alex Jones called “The Obama Deception.” It will be controversial, so after you view it, your comments are welcome so that the issues may be discussed. Viewing the first half hour or so is really all that’s required to get the gist.

Many ordinary citizens would refer to much of this as radical or “tinfoil.” And Alex Jones’s style of presenting the information is radical sounding even to me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the case.

There is much truth in it that I can back up, and there are some parts that are not entirely accurate, such as saying that the Federal Reserve is not audited. They are. Sure, you can challenge who does the audit and how thorough it is and how transparent it isn’t, but there are some fast and loose statements by interviewees in the film. Then they tie the Kennedy assassination to his executive order that began to dissolve the Fed, and while there may be a connection, obviously that’s not provable. So, you need to filter this movie carefully and weigh what is fact and what is speculation for yourself.

Much of the film centers around the Fed, central bankers, and corporations and how they control politicians. That is the root of the problems the way I see it. I wish someone could present that information in a less radical sounding and looking way, but this is what we have. Again, comments appreciated, if there was ever a thread for your tinfoil theories, this is the one. Let’s get it out there but trying to keep it in this thread would be appreciated, that way we can keep the other threads more focused. Thanks.