Friday, March 27, 2009

This is the Way America Really Works - Ratigan Gone from CNBS...

Please tie together this article and the one that precedes it Tarp Money Goes to Politicians…

Dylan Ratigan begins speaking the truth yesterday and today is his last day on CNBC. He was one of the few at least partial truth tellers there, and he leaves very few truth tellers behind.

This also ties into the “gagging” of Santelli, the only other truth teller left. America media... tell the truth and you do not have a place.

I’ll say it again… It’s time to wake up America to how America really works!
Dylan Ratigan Quitting CNBC?

Be worried Fast Money fans. Your favorite host Dylan Ratigan could be out the door, at least if we're interpreting this awkward NYPost story correctly.

THERE was high drama at CNBC yesterday as "Fast Money" anchor Dylan Ratigan quit -- sources say today will be his last day on-air -- and an insider is blaming his battles with network big Susan Krakower…

Ratigan on CNBC talking about AIG (oops, supposed to be talking about the DOW):

I'll say this... there's one less reason to watch CNBC. If Santelli does what I think he will do and leaves, CNBC might as well be a Martha Stewart cooking program. Terrific, all the more readers for my still free blog! Ooops, the int e rn et is c ut ting ou t!