Thursday, April 9, 2009

Martin Armstrong – Article Anthology…

Below are links to 12 of Martin Armstrong’s most recent articles. As far as I know, this is the only compilation of all 12 articles on the web.

I have gone over his situation before, he is in prison as I explained and provided research links for in my article Martin Armstrong's Latest... from behind bars. My source tells me that the SEC has just agreed to review his case.

I believe his work to be much more valuable than the drivel the mainstream is constantly feeding us. His work and understanding of economic cycles is out of the box and colored by his life experience, but appropriately so. His cycle dates, however, are not necessarily perfect/exact (take them to be plus or minus) and are not necessarily aligned with just the markets in the U.S. Therefore, you should not attempt to “trade” them on a short term basis. They are the larger forces at work and you should instead look for signs of significant developments around his cycle dates. For example, he had a cycle date in February, 2007 that corresponded to a top in the Nikkei and also in IYR – Commercial Real estate. Another major date is April the 19th… only 10 days from now.

I am listing his articles roughly by date, most recent first (not all the articles were dated, I do not know the order of those) and will add a link to this post in the right column labeled “Other Articles” so that you can find it easily. There’s a ton of information to digest. Most of it is very good, all of it is interesting. Much of it deals with his situation and he does look “at the man behind the curtain,” so keep an open mind as you read, and remember that he is writing these the old fashioned way, on an IBM Selectric!

You’ll also find a lot of good and meaningful history reminders going all the way back to the Roman Empire – something Bernanke would have been better served by doing. At any rate, don’t try to absorb it all at once, take it one article at a time, one page at a time so that you catch the meaning and understand where he’s trying to lead you. While I can’t say I agree with all his viewpoints, I can say that I agree with most and am glad I have the opportunity to share his work with you. Enjoy.

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