Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Martin Armstrong – Behind the Curtain…

Martin takes us on his view “behind the curtain.” There he shares his own experience, “I was invited to join this “club” expecting me to bring billions of dollars from Japan. I was asked to bring $10 billion back in 1998. That meeting was with Dov Schlein President of Republic National Bank…”

He discusses the article by Matthew Malone in Porfolio Magazine and offers his take on what he views is really happening behind the scenes in the recent financial crisis.

Much of this article centers upon Goldman Sachs and the people who work there and in our government. No wonder. I have also been discussing many of these points as well.

While he is leaning towards some of the conspiratorial and control issues, I believe that he is correct to do so as they are at the root of the current financial crisis. The central bankers are controlling our political system. The same players are found over and over again. They come from the central banks, such as Goldman, and they wind up working in the halls of government, not just here, but also abroad.

It’s an interesting read, please keep in mind his personal circumstances and you will understand perhaps a little better where his viewpoints are coming from. I understand that he is working on yet another article and I will bring that too you as soon as it’s available. Also please keep in mind that he’s working without the advent of modern computers.

Behind the Curtain4!9!09 Behind the Curtain4!9!09 Kris This is Martin Armstrong's "Tell All"

If you prefer to download the .pdf you can do so by clicking on this link: Martin Armstrong – Behind the Curtain…

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