Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Merrill Lynch – Muzzling Zero Hedge and Rosenberg.

Please follow the link to the full article and be sure to read page two:
Merrill Tries To Muzzle a Blog
…Today Zero Hedge's anonymous lead blogger, who goes by the name Tyler Durden, received a Digital Millennium Copyright Act Takedown Notice for six posts in which he cites Merrill Lynch reports authored by Rosenberg or his staff. The reports are indeed proprietary—but for journalists and bloggers, their widespread distribution has long been a helpful way to decode movements in the markets. "It's their prerogative to impugn that there has been infringment," Durden told me. "But there are intangibles. Rosenberg is leaving the company and is soon to be replaced by someone who has a slightly more upbeat feel."

… Durden believes that as Zero Hedge's readership has grown to 100,000 hits per day, Merrill Lynch felt it could not longer ignore his impact on that readership. He is taking the offending posts down this evening—but hasn't yet ruled out consulting a lawyer on his options.

So, Zerohedge’s traffic gets too big and they get muzzled. This is becoming a trend, remember this story? Goldman Sachs Seeks to Silence Blogger Mike Morgan!

Note that Rosenberg is too negative for Merrill’s taste. No kidding, this is exactly how our system works. Anyone who is grounded in reality is painted as negative and is left to fend for themselves. This is all a part of the grand deception and exactly why we are were we are, which is in the middle of an economic collapse that is following the greatest credit bubble in the history of mankind.

It seems to me that if you seek the truth there is only one source left for it, and that is in the Blog world and small online media outlets. When that is gone, true free speech will be rare indeed.