Saturday, June 6, 2009

Martin Armstrong – Case Update…

For those following the saga of Martin Armstrong’s imprisonment, and I hope you all are as it is significant to the freedoms we are all supposed to be enjoying as Americans, below are the latest legal petitions filed in Armstrong’s case…

If you will remember, he filed a lengthy petition after the SEC agreed to review his case. That petition can be found here: Martin Armstrong’s Reply to the SEC… Those who take the time to read the arguments and accusations made by Armstrong will understand that the “game” is not being played “according the rules of Hoyle.” In other words, the rule of law is not being applied in Armstrong’s case (nor in many financial matters like the financial bailouts, Chrysler, and GM bankruptcies!).

After his latest petition, a motion answering questions from the 3rd Circuit court was filed on May 26th of this year:

And Armstrong was allowed to file a MAXIMUM 3 page Motion For Relief which he filed on June 1, 2009, just a few days ago:

While I am only privy to one side of this argument (I’m trying to get documents on the other side), the reason I’m willing to share this information on my site is precisely for the reason that no other sites, and especially the main stream media is not. My “radar” is telling me that the story is being suppressed and that the players behind the scenes are pulling strings to keep Armstrong behind bars. Yes, those players are in the financial and financial regulatory world and they are influencing the judges and the outcome of Armstrong’s proceedings.

This is not what America is supposed to be about. THAT is why I’m providing this information and hope that it spreads far and wide so that BOTH sides can come together to get this case, a case that has gone on for YEARS longer than it should have, behind them.

This case is about more than just Martin Armstrong, it is about someone who was in the financial community who was targeted and likely was made a fall guy by our own regulatory authority – the SEC. This is about the Rule of Law and whether or not it’s being followed. Loren summarized the issue well:

The Real Threat to America:

Today I learned that Armstrong’s daughter, Victoria, is getting married TODAY. Obviously Martin will not be there to see it. His case needs to see the light of day – I encourage everyone to stay informed.