Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama Unveils Regulatory Revamp…

The Central Bankers/ Planners have been busy.

Busy robbing America blind and now consolidating power even further in their hands, if that’s even possible.

And Obama is a terrific puppet and mouthpiece for them. Listen for all 19 minutes, you will be awed at the ease that he spins the Fed power grab into a positive that is going to save the people in America. He even badmouths his own puppet masters to win the people over. Just remember that ACTIONS are what matter, not words!

What you’ll hear is first and foremost consolidation of power, then you will hear talk about regulating hedge funds and ensuring that the issuers of debt have a stake in that debt. These regulations will have a TIGHTENING effect on credit. Remember, debt went parabolic… these actions will further hasten the collapse. In order for the economy to grow, each subsequent year of credit/ debt must be larger than the last. With new regulations getting in the way of the securitization of debt process, there is simply no way that is going to happen. Were it not for the consolidation of power into the fed’s hands, I would support some of these initiatives. The Fed needs to be dismantled, not given more power. Enjoy the 19 minutes of Central Banker spin:

Yes, Mr. President, we do have laws on the books to handle the failure of companies like AIG. They are called bankruptcy laws. Those same laws apply to banks and to auto manufactures.

And if you’re a real glutton for punishment, here is the “near final draft” of his proposals. Remember that everything he is proposing must first be made into law. Thus he needs the help of people like the dishonorable Barney Frank and others to get it done.

No, the Great American Heist is not yet complete, but they are certainly getting ready for the next round: