Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dr. Marc Faber – “This is not the final crisis…”

Beginning at about 6:50 into this video, Dr. Faber sums up the current situation well, “Nothing has been cleared - it has gotten worse & worse & worse & worse. There is this entanglement between Wall Street and corrupt politicians and the Treasury and Federal Reserve… The doors are open between the three and Goldman Sachs…”

No kidding! Now we’re talking about the roots of the problem as I’ve been describing and is exactly why I say that corporations and their money need to be separated from government.

Dr. Faber goes on to say, “This is not the final crisis. The final crisis is the one where the whole system will collapse and the whole system will be cleaned of corrupt politicians and incompetent policy makers!”

BRAVO! It is unfortunate that we are heading in that direction, but that’s exactly the way I see it. Keep in mind that Dr. Faber has a terrific track record of calling the crisis and he was correctly calling for an extended rally from the March lows…

Dr. Marc Faber:

Marc Faber – “The governments want you to lose money on Cash.”