Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Fed Under Fire…

Pay attention to the comments of William Greider, author of “The Secrets of the Temple.” He is describing exactly what I was railing about all through the crisis last fall, namely that Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPM, HAD to buy Bear Stearns to save themselves and received $30 billion in guarantees from the Fed while Dimon also sat on the board of the New York Fed of which little Timothy Geithner was the head!

Here’s the real truth. JPM is the center of the derivatives universe and has already imploded. It is only a matter of time before the $90 trillion of derivatives they hold, and hide, and obscure come crashing down.

Audit the FED? ABSOLUTELY. I fully support that, but I can almost guarantee you it will not happen in any real manner, for if it does, that will lead to the end of the Fed, a very good reason to support the REAL audit of which they are obviously so afraid. (again ht Glass!)

The Fed Under Fire (8 minutes):