Saturday, July 11, 2009

Geithner Refuses to Answer Derivatives Bailout Question...

Representative Brad Sherman poses a simple question to little Timothy Geithner which Timmy refuses to answer. Not a hard question, but it was a question meant to pin him down on whether or not derivatives that are being sold today will receive bailout money in the future.

Obviously, the implication of his refusal is that he will bail them out if need be… or not. You see, it has become the Treasury’s, Fed’s, and central banker’s discretion to take your money and give it to themselves or not. NO RULE OF LAW, simply lawlessness. Hat tip Mr. Glass who is rightfully angry and sick of it. Hey America, when you wake up unemployed, lose your house, and are living on central banker welfare to feed your family, you should know why those things are gone – they left with the rule of law.