Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jake’s Handcrafted Oak – Shameless Furniture Plug/Testimonial…

Yes, this is a shameless plug, advertising for someone who deserves it. If you have spent time around my site, you know that I don’t go plugging people or businesses lightly – I am a truth teller and will not plug someone who does not deserve it. Jake deserves it, but you should know up front that I am receiving advertising fees from Jake in exchange for posting an ad. This testimonial, however, is not a part of the ad, it is helping out someone who has helped me out.

Jake runs an Amish furniture business in Holmesville, Ohio. You won’t find his business on the internet; he is a producer of fine handcrafted furniture - not just oak, but almost all typical woods including cherry, maple, hickory, and oak. I literally have a house full of handcrafted Amish furniture as there is no better furniture that I’ve found FOR THE MONEY. If you contact Jake, you will leave a message on a recorder as Jake does not own a phone. He will call you back. You will get WHOLESALE pricing from Jake and if you tell him Nate sent you, you will receive an additional 5% off. His margins are very tight, you will be shocked what he can sell to you for so little money. I literally have added up wood and hardware costs and just don’t know how they sell it for so little.

But here’s the deal. Jake called me up the other day and stated that business was very, very slow for reasons that are clear to all the readers of my blog. He asked if I could help him out, and this is how I’m going to do it!

Jake is as straight-up as they come. A man of his word who follows through on what he says. Since Jake is a manufacturer and not a middle man, he can price his furniture lower than you will find elsewhere – I was extremely lucky to find him and only did so after searching directly for manufacturers. While he can’t make all types of furniture, through his connections he can get it for you – as he has done for me.

I simply called Jake up and told him what I wanted. He arranged everything, including shipping. I even hand drew a custom desk I wanted him to make out of solid hickory and it turned out beautifully, beyond my expectations, it is truly a functional work of art that will become a life-long heirloom. He can make or have made virtually any furniture in any size you desire, in any wood you desire, in any finish you desire.

This is REAL furniture, not some mass manufactured particle board stuff. REAL SOLID WOOD furniture with heavy duty hardware. You could literally park a truck on my son’s bed and it would not even creek! I’m serious, we’re talking solid oak 4x4’s!

Kids jumping on the bed? Don't worry about the bed getting hurt, worry about the kid!

And guess what? You can buy this furniture for less than even cheap chain store furniture because the Amish are not greedy, they work hard, build nothing but quality solid stuff, and follow through on what they say – all traits that America sorely needs (especially in the financial community)!

What follows are just a few picture of the amish furniture that I personally own. Most of it is solid cherry wood… there’s some maple, oak, and hickory. The dining room set is called “Classic Mission.” It has black walnut inlaid diamonds which are simple but beautiful. Those chairs and tables are made of bent cherry wood and covered with a “natural” clear lacquer finish as I like to see the natural beauty of the wood.

These are just examples of my furniture located in my prior home:

And here's some current photos along with a stock photo of my dining room set:

My desk & credenza are made of SOLID hickory, also covered in a natural clear lacquer finish:

Not that I'm bragging, but heck, even the underside of my desk is beautiful!

I know I shouldn't be encouraging people to spend their hard earned money, but IF you need furniture, this is it.

To see more examples of traditional Amish furniture, simply do a Google search for “Amish furniture.” You will find many retailers and some “discounters.” Jake will beat their price. Here’s a couple of examples:

Amish Furniture Home

Amish Outlet

So, you just find the furniture you like, measure your space, and call Jake. He will arrange it exactly how you want it, be sure to be specific. Remember that the furniture is made in Ohio and thus has to be shipped to you. Jake and most Amish stores use Packship USA to pack and then transport their furniture. I have personally used them at least 5 times and have never had a problem. Here’s their web site, but again, Jake can arrange it for you, or you can do it yourself:

PackShip USA

Plan on the cost of shipping to add 15 to 30% onto the cost. This will still be WAY less expensive than what you can buy locally.

Seriously, I do not take such a plug lightly. I know Jake and trust him to follow through. If you are in need of furniture, Jake’s is the place to get it!

8239 TR 562
Holmesville, Ohio 44633

To reach Jake, please call (leave a message, he will call you back!):