Friday, July 3, 2009

Martin Armstrong – The Counter Revolution of Iran…

Subtitled, “Is This the Start of a New Global Revolution? Contagion Part II,” Armstrong dives into the current events in Iran and relates them to HISTORY and to the REST OF THE WORLD.

Contagion, it may begin in the financial world, but it soon turns into what I call the “other events that tend to follow times of economic upheaval.” You know, civil disobedience, civil unrest, civil war, high levels of crime, and even outright war. Are we on that path now? Martin addresses these “other events,” so put on your thinking cap and enjoy the read:

*My apologies for the way this scan turned out. I do not control the process which begins with Martin typing on an IBM Selectric typewriter. The document then exits prison and finds its way to my source who scans them and converts the scanned document into a .pdf file. Yes, we could convert them and turn them into digital perfection, but again I think it’s important to keep in mind the conditions that Martin is working under. I for one appreciate his efforts and wish we could do more to get him back out into the world of digital perfection!

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