Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Martin Armstrong - The Goldman Sachs Conspiracy - The Real Dark Pool…

This piece by Armstrong dives into his views on Goldman Sachs, the conspiracy theories that surround them, as well as a few other “manipulation” issues. This is good insight as he has personal experience and has spent time around some of the central bankers. Martin even provides a short technical update of GS and JPM.

While I do agree with much of what he says here, like there is no one on our side looking out for our interests, I do take issue with a few of his positions. I disagree, for one, that the central banks largely do not collude – baloney, that’s what the G5 and now G20 are all about. Secondly, Martin is ignoring the TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS in credit derivatives that are now underlying everything at JPM, GS, and others. The leverage created by them will be their undoing. Otherwise good insight and a great piece for thought and debate:

Oh, and in case you missed the Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone piece, here's a pertinent video that does a terrific job of explaining Goldman’s role in Government.

Goldman in the Government…

Again, these people have NO business being involved in government. In fact, they are the very last people who belong there.