Thursday, July 30, 2009

Martin Armstrong – How ALL Systems can Collapse Overnight…

Subtitled, “The 3rd Century economic collapse. Are there lessons from the past that equal solutions for the future?” Martin takes us on a 3rd century history lesson and combines his knowledge of cycles, waterfall collapses, rule of law, history of money and how it influences the political arena to say, YES, it can and is happening to us now… BUT if we are smart we can learn from history to avoid repeating our mistakes.

While I’d like to think we are that smart, collectively I’ve concluded we are not. No, we are experiencing “economic mass-psychosis” and I have yet to see any mass awakening, that’s for sure!

This is an excellent piece, a terrific read, and I hope you enjoy and learn from it!

By the way... 31 months from the October 2007 high equals May of 2010.

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