Saturday, July 11, 2009

Martin Armstrong – The Irrational Free Markets that are Never Wrong?/ Why Taxes are the Only Tool Remaining!

There are really two essays in the attached paper, the first one, “The Irrational Free Markets that are Never Wrong?” dives into why our attempts to manipulate and control the market place never work. Armstrong explores the writings and history of Adam Smith and his “invisible hand” and contrasts that to Karl Marx. His conclusion:
“What we do not grasp, is that the economy is no different than any other complex system. It can be easily predicted from a long-term perspective that the present course of events will unquestionably lead to the destruction of the United States and Western economies from excessive debt, declining real growth, and rising costs of government that set in motion the same collapse of Rome and just about every other empire.”

His second paper below is titled “The New Practical ‘Laws’ of Global Economics – Why Taxes are the Only Tool Remaining!” In it, Armstrong dives deeper into modern history and talks about the math and tax problems. He also discusses the problems associated with being on a gold standard. He then sets out what he sees as three steps to take as solutions, but there’s a lot of reading to get there! While I don’t agree with all his positions and statements, I do think his broad ideas are mostly accurate and the reading of history from his perspective is fascinating and well worth the effort to understand. He certainly is getting at and addressing the roots of the problems which is where most do not dare tread, especially in the mainstream media.

The Irrational Free Markets 709

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