Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Matt Taibbi on Goldman Sachs…

Matt Taibbi is a reporter for the Rolling Stone. He did an excellent article that’s really all about Goldman Sachs but which he (his editors?) called “The Great American Bubble Machine.”

It’s a good read, but lengthy and so I’m just going to show you the intro and let you go to their site to read the entire thing. Just click on the title to read it (ht Xleland):

The Great American Bubble Machine

Matt Taibbi on how Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression


Posted Jul 02, 2009

In Rolling Stone Issue 1082-83, Matt Taibbi takes on "the Wall Street Bubble Mafia" — investment bank Goldman Sachs. The piece has generated controversy, with Goldman Sachs firing back that Taibbi's piece is "an hysterical compilation of conspiracy theories" and a spokesman adding, "We reject the assertion that we are inflators of bubbles and profiteers in busts, and we are painfully conscious of the importance in being a force for good." Taibbi shot back: "Goldman has its alumni pushing its views from the pulpit of the U.S. Treasury, the NYSE, the World Bank, and numerous other important posts; it also has former players fronting major TV shows. They have the ear of the president if they want it." Here, now, are excerpts from Matt Taibbi's piece and video of Taibbi exploring the key issues.

What I really want you to see and understand is Goldman’s influence and relationship to politics. THIS RELATIONSHIP IS OUT OF CONTROL AND NEEDS TO BE SEVERED. While all the video links in the above article are good, I want you to pay attention to what Matt is saying in the following videos (I wish I could embed those videos, but I cannot):

Goldman in the Government…

Goldman’s Influence…

Goldman’s Appology…

What Taibbi is saying is absolutely correct. Hank Paulson (while CEO of GS) and his salesmen were peddling what THEY KNEW was toxic waste to retirement funds and small governments around the world. There is testimony that parties were thrown following successful sales trips where the salesmen literally laughed at the “suckers” who purchased those “assets.” While that was going on, Paulson’s boys were placing billion dollar bets that those same assets would fail.

His punishment for this high treason? Appointment to the Secretary Treasurer’s position where he proceeded to funnel taxpayer funds to the banks and through bankrupt entities such as AIG to Goldman. This is blatant MONEY LAUNDERING. Paulson is a traitor to his country and should be put on trial as such.

Here’s an interview with Taibbi on the Business News Network: Interview with Matt Taibbi…

And it runs much deeper than even Matt is discussing. Goldman has become THE MARKET. They comprise nearly half of the programmed trading of the NYSE and are, in my opinion, a surrogate of the government. They have become the government, they run the 4th branch, THE FINANCIAL BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT. They control the other three, the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial.

They are the prime example of why America needs a Constitutional Amendment that separates corporations and their money from politics.

It used to be that only comedians could get away with telling the truth. Now it’s in the Rolling Stone. Watch out when the general public finally becomes aware of what’s happening to their country and their way of life.

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