Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alex Jones on the Edge with Max Kaiser…

Alex Jones is painted as a radical, but in the first part of the interview he is explaining a basic concept about the military industrial complex and how they are slowly overstepping their legal bounds. On that point he is correct. He is also correct about the relationship between the central banks and the military industrial complex.

As he gets into the second half of the interview, he is definitely “on the edge” and sounds even more radical in his assertions (I wish he would speak less emotionally to get his point accross). I normally do not want to fuel wild accusations, but I think there are some grains of truth in what he is contending. Therefore, I am posting this interview anyway in the interest that perhaps in hindsight his assertions will indeed be proven to be largely correct. I’m just posting it, you decide.

He mentions Google video going away and I do want to note that there are many new startup businesses that you can upload your video to, but now, in general, they are charging a small fee to do so… Google is also now placing ads on Youtube videos and it is becoming a profit center for them, so I doubt you'll be seeing that go away any time soon.

Max Kaiser interviews Alex Jones Part I (8:33):

Max Kaiser interviews Alex Jones Part II (8:05):