Saturday, August 8, 2009

Help Peter Schiff Take Back America

Evidently Peter Schiff is getting serious about his run for Senate. A run that I absolutely 100% support. Peter is a legitimate voice of reason. If we had a Senate full of people like him, this country would look a whole lot more like our founding fathers envisioned and whole lot less like the warped and demented vision emanating from the central bankers.

He is on a mission to raise money, a mission that I supported by donating myself yesterday and encourage you to do likewise, no matter how much or how little.

No matter how fruitless and frustrating our system is, it will not change unless we support people who can look beyond central banker manipulation.

Here’s a link to his site, you can see that he’s raising big money pretty quickly, the more the better:
Help Peter Schiff Take Back America

Dear Friend,

Help me raise $750,000 by the end of the weekend to demonstrate to Chris Dodd and other tax and spend politicians that we will not stand by idly. We will fight to take back America from a government that has gotten out of control.

Go to! Donate anything you can and sign-up for Team Schiff to take back America!

Corporate bailouts, “stimulus” programs and reckless spending are putting our economy in a deeper hole. You would think that out of 100 United States Senators, at least one of them would know something about finance and economics. However, that is clearly not the case.

We must send Washington a message. You can help do that by joining Team Schiff to take back America at Washington needs to know that more government regulation, “stimulus” programs and corporate bailouts will only worsen our economy. The road to economic recovery lies with free market solutions from business and individuals – not the Federal Government.

Join me at Let’s take back America together.

Best regards,

Peter Schiff