Thursday, August 6, 2009

Making Headway… Economic Edge Cracks the Top 20

Warning - Shameless Self-Promotion!

While I’ve been writing on the economy for a number of years, I did not start Economic Edge until the end of November of last year. My goal? To reach 500 page views a day within a year. That was a well read economic blog and that was my goal. Today I average about 4,400 views per day, nearly nine times my goal!

While still not a tremendous amount of viewers compared to the popular sites that have been around awhile, that’s a nice comfortable level that allows me to interact more with my readers. That's my personality, I'd rather share in a deep discussion with a few than a shallow one buried in a crowd.

My newsletter and newspaper writing just never generated enough circulation to make it worth my time. The newspapers would gladly run rosy "buy, buy" articles but would simply not run any article that was even remotely negative on the economy – the deal breaker for me was when an editor changed my headline to the exact opposite meaning because he was not familiar with the terminology and did not consult with me first. Of course his terminology made the economy sound better than I intended and I’m sure that’s why he did it. I never wrote for a paper again and see clearly why their readership is dying. Those who do not tell the truth are destined for the dust bin of history.

Gongol is a site that gathers traffic count information and ranks economic blogs. On their current list they track 168 economic blogs - Economic Edge is ranked 19th in terms of daily visits and 20th in terms of page views:

There are a lot of sites that do not qualify to be tracked, and there are a few that if on the list would push us back, sites like the Ticker Forum or Zero Hedge. That’s okay, breaking into the top 20 inside of a year is way beyond my expectations and it could not have happened without all the regulars who contribute their knowledge and put up with JS-Kit! Thanks for coming by and sticking with!


By the way, at the current rate of traffic, this site will have more than 1.6 million views in the next year! Looking forward to it, it’s going to be exciting, that’s for sure.