Friday, August 14, 2009

Martin Armstrong – Cycles & Pattern Projections…

This latest paper of Armstrong sets out to explain the difference between cycles and patterns. You’ll likely need to read it slowly and think about the concepts as he is a little more "out there" intertwining physics and economics with his understanding of manipulation via Goldman and the “club.”

He projects the DOW above 20,000, but not until the down cycle has completed. The meteoric rise following the lows will come with gold rocketing and with the destruction of confidence in the U.S. Government.

Somewhat cryptic, Martin is talking around the fringes and that will require you to piece together useful information – I always pick up a good point of understanding or two from Martin’s papers, but I know most will be left going, “what did he just say?” If one does not expect Martin (or anyone) to tell them exactly where or when the market will be in the future on a particular day, then they will then be able to take his writing and research for what it is.

Clearly his thinking is on the edge… no wonder his work has found a home on this site ;-)

Cycles & Pattern Projections… Two Very Different Types of Analysis:

Once again... 31 months from the October 2007 high equals May of 2010.

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