Saturday, August 29, 2009

Poll Results – Separating Corporations and their Money from State…

The question was…
"Should there be a Constitutional Amendment separating corporations and their money from State?"
Of the 157 respondents, 140 said “yes” (90%), and 17 said “no” (10%)….

I’m not surprised, of course, that it was lopsided but the truth is that I just can’t fathom WHY those who said “no” would think that it’s not an appropriate thing to do?

Of course I know that the devil is in the details, but let’s discuss it… please bring up specifics…

How would you accomplish this goal, specifically?

What would be the benefits of doing so?

What would be negative about doing so?

What reason did you vote “yes” or “no?”

Here are some of the thoughts I have on how to accomplish change in this regard… Any action, laws, or Amendments should be designed to accomplish the following:

- Limit corporate political contributions to ZERO
- Limit personal contributions to $1,000 per individual (can’t buy media for that? Tough, then the price will come down)
- Eliminate earmarks
- Surgically remove the military industrial complex from our entangled government
- Force the banks to recognize their losses
- Jail the corrupt players
- End the Fed – set interest rates via the free market
- Create a sound money system NOT based on never ending growth, yet is still flexible enough to accommodate population growth/shrinkage with AUTOMATIC controls.
- Get rid of Primary Dealers
- Start over on all government economic statistics – fold old agencies create new ones
- End the GSEs
- Unwind 99% of all derivatives… Allow the monolines to only insure bonds, no derivatives
- End the practice of rating agencies receiving money from those they rate

The list could be a long one, those are items off the top of my head, help me add to this list and let’s talk specifics!

Thanks for your input, looking forward to a discussion…