Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Carlyle Group = Military Industrial Complex = Bankrupt Nation

It is my contention that America is operating under a form of Economic Mass Psychosis. We have forgotten the concept of FREEDOM and how it interacts with SECURITY. We have been pursuing SECURITY on behalf of special interests and we have BANKRUPTED OURSELVES in so doing, thus sacrificing our FREEDOM as well as sacrificing our TRUE SECURITY.

Those who seek FREEDOM will find SECURITY, that’s the way the invisible hand of economics works. It’s a balance, the spending on security must be sustainable by the underpinnings of a REAL ECONOMY or it will not last.

Ever wonder how our spending on our military grew to the INSANE point that the U.S. spends nearly as much as the rest of the world combined?

Let’s warm up on the concept of a military industrial complex with a review by Chalmers Johnson in one of my all time favorite videos. When the entire “defense complex” is included, our spending exceeds that of the rest of the world combined:

Reference: The FY 2009 Pentagon Spending Request - Global Military Spending

How important is this issue to our overall budget? Here is a chart showing the 2009 budget and the portion that can be attributed to “national defense:”

Reference: Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes…

Now we can go on to view a 48 minute documentary done on the Carlyle Group… the first 1 minute 45 seconds is in Dutch as it was first broadcast on VPRO Netherlands TV. You can follow the following link for a translation, but you will get it all by simply beginning to watch from that point:

Speaking of the Bin Laden family… my first eye opening experience to the way the real world works was when I was in the military and they implemented the AVIP (anthrax vaccine program). It turns out that then retired former Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, Admiral Crowe (note what he did AFTER retirement), was hired by a European man of middle-eastern descent with the last name of Bin Laden. Yes, a member of the Bin Laden family. He was hired by Bin Laden’s latest acquisition, a company called Bioport, Inc. of Lansing, Michigan.

Bioport was the only producer of the Anthrax vaccine that was first made during the WWII timeframe (and not tested under anything like modern test standards – although the military represented it as such and stated that is was in common use by veterinarians – one quick call to the largest vet school in the nation ended that farce – one of many).

Admiral Crowe was given 13% of Bioport stock and a seat on the Board of Directors in exchange for going to the Pentagon to lobby for its mandatory use. He was successful, many people in the military were harmed by the series of six shots that was sold to them as safe and necessary to fight a significant threat, one that if “only they knew what we knew” then they wouldn’t hesitate to take it. This despite the fact that no one in the military throughout the entire history of the world had ever had anthrax used against them – EVER. The shots were given to 90 pound females the same as 220 pound males, and they suffered disproportionately.

This was occurring at the same time that anthrax powder was sent through the mail and wound up at Senator Daschle’s office and killed 5 people, wounding 17 others.

You connect the dots, remember to follow the money.

The misinformation and scare tactics were outrageous and I was highly ashamed and embarrassed for those in the military, in particular the flight surgeons in the Air Force, who did NOTHING to stand up to protect the people who were clearly being injured by those shots. Over a quarter of the officers in my flying reserve unit resigned over that issue, I was one and gave up 15 years towards retirement, but I never took that shot.

By the way, that vaccine is the first time in the history of the world that soldiers were vaccinated against a supposed weapon.

That story may not sound connected to why America is bankrupt and why you may have lost your job, but they ARE ALL CONNECTED as we have let the money of corporations corrupt our political system to the point that we have bankrupted ourselves.

Corporations and their money have no business in politics and no business influencing the policies of our government. Hopefully my eye-opening experience can help shed some light on the way our government really works and why we are in the mess we are.

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