Thursday, September 3, 2009

Congressman Pete Stark – Highly Educated Idiot Extraordinaire…

Talk about an example of all that’s wrong with politics, politicians, current economic “beliefs,” business schools, oh, and morals & ethics. Congressman Stark, in office since 1973 just made himself a target of the next revolution:

There is so much wrong with what Stark is trying to say, I just don’t know where to begin. Okay, let’s start with his “the more debt we owe, the wealthier we are” line. He is delusional beyond belief to even attempt to paint national debt as a sign of wealth much less distinguish it as different from personal debt. Yes, a wealthy country can borrow more, but a wise country borrows less – a country that can no longer pay its debts is bankrupt, and that’s what this country is, that’s why we are now resorting to “quantitative easing” in the terms of the geniuses who graduated from business schools like Stark.

Stark should resign for this behavior, and if he does not should be impeached for both his behavior AND for his delusional beliefs.