Saturday, September 5, 2009

Davos on the Edge - Meet the New Boss…

T – minus 8 days and counting until launch…

I am now in final preparations for my motorcycle trip through Central and South America. Mixed emotions for sure as it’s going to be an exciting trip, yet I am leaving behind my family and my blog for an extended time – four months. From this point until I return I will be concentrating less on this blog and more on my Twisted Edge Adventure blog (latest article I wrote on tire selection for the trip). Please bookmark this blog and you can follow along the trip with me.

I have considered delaying this trip as I see what could be a very turbulent time this fall. I have, however, postponed trips in the past with such thinking and have always regretted it later - I do tend to be early in my thinking after all! This particular trip must be done this time of year so that I arrive in the southern part of South America in their summer, our winter.

I will be traveling with my riding friend, Arno. He and I both enjoy taking pictures and reporting on our adventures, so it’s going to be fun in that regard. When I have time (and internet connection) I will be checking in and posting to this blog occasionally. I will also be writing economic articles along the way as I have time and inspiration (it will be difficult doing this after traveling long days). My focus will be on the formation of capital and economic development within the countries I’m traveling. If anyone reading this along my route of travel has an economic story they would like to share or investigate, please email me at, thank you. I’m also open to invites from my readers in Central and South America who wouldn’t mind simply sharing their culture!

This blog is far too important to me to just abandon it for so long. It’s important because people need someone to cut through all the B.S. that is propagating from the mainstream media and our own government. Thankfully there are people who are tough skinned enough to stand in the heat of the fire and call it for what it is. Sherman (screen name Davos) from Chris Martenson’s site has graciously agreed to help keep you informed. THANK YOU DAVOS!

I can think of no finer site that Chris Martenson’s. Chris writes very meticulously in a manner that is understandable by most, and more importantly he is just correct when he speaks. You will remember that Chris is the author of The Crash Course so I’m going to encourage you to bookmark and view Chris’s blog on a regular basis. His latest article, Unemployment and Government Jobs, is a terrific example of the fine work that Chris does.

Davos has written the “Daily Digest” for quite some time, performing nobly for both Chris and for the people who visit his blog. In my absence, he will be performing basically the same service for you here that he does there. I have given him full reign to post articles as he sees fit and to editorialize at his discretion. His posts, “Davos on the Edge” will provide a thread that I encourage everyone to comment on, and to keep the running market commentary going.

He is the boss while I’m gone and I appreciate everyone jumping in and providing the same good observations that you do while I’m here. Don’t ride him too hard for his inflationist viewpoint, he will be right eventually, just not now, LOL! Okay, forget that, give him a hard time, he is a pilot like me after all! Seriously, be sure to thank him for stepping up and filling in, he does it because he cares and is a proud and true American.

Pete Townsend - Won't Get Fooled Again (Meet the New Boss - Acoustic version):