Monday, October 26, 2009

The Money Masters…

Want a terrific education in the history of money in the United States? This is it, as long as you’re willing to spend 3.5 hours learning. Poster 1984 recommended it, and until he did, I had not seen it before. It was made in the mid ‘90s, well ahead of its time in forecasting the events of today.

Now, you may view this video and say to yourself, “see, they’ve been saying that for years…” and if you are saying that, then you simply don’t know math. The exponential growth stops now, in the trillions. The trillions are not like the billions, incomes do not support that math and, as you will learn, the roots of the problems lie in our monetary system and with those who wish to perpetuate the never ending growth.

Again, if you really want to know what’s what, and who’s who, take the time to watch this video.