Thursday, October 15, 2009

Paul Mylchreest - The Thunder Road Report…

This issue is the most comprehensive issue on gold that I think I’ve ever read! He has concluded that there are two options for the quantity of gold… do you choose door number 1, or door number 2? Hmmm… in Paul’s own words:

- The gold market operates on a fractional reserve basis and a stampede to claim physical bullion could send the price soaring at any moment. It is an accident waiting to happen.


- There is far more gold in private hands than is realised. Its origin is most likely to have been the Japanese conquest of 12 Asian nations during 1894-1945, subsequent to which it has been laundered into the gold market over many years. In this case, the evolution of the current gold bull market could be more gradual, until the true extent of the upcoming dollar crisis becomes apparent.

Paul goes on to explain the case of General Yamashita’s gold – quite a story! This is a terrific read, lengthy, but take it all the way through and I guarantee that, like me, you’ll learn a thing or ten about gold and be entertained along the way. Great report, Paul, thanks for the effort and thanks for sharing!

The Ballad of Thunder Road - Song co-written by and Starring Robert Mitchum: