Monday, November 2, 2009

Bill Still - The Coming Crash in Commercial Real Estate, and much more!

Bill Still, of Money Masters fame, contacted me this weekend and we have agreed to share and cooperate on our work. You may remember that I just posted his 3.5 hour movie, The Money Masters… That 1995 film was visionary in foreseeing the events of today.

Well, he is now producing short videos and I will be posting his work here as he produces them. The following roller coaster ride regarding commercial real estate was produced and posted yesterday, I think you will enjoy and learn from it. Bill has a great perspective of history and pulls pertinent facts from long ago into his work, something that few have the knowledge to do. Gee, maybe Bernanke should have studied history back a little farther than the 1930’s? Hmmm…

Last week, Bill did an update that included a very interesting discussion on the Bank of North Dakota. As you watch that, compare and contrast what’s happening there to what Obama’s advisors are “accomplishing” and the way in which the big banks like GS, JPM, CITI, WFC, and the rest operate. This is what I mean when I say that banking does not have to happen like it does. The banking system is the ONE system that should belong to the people at their benefit – private banks have no right in this country to effectively print money on their own behalf, and that’s exactly what they do as they crank out credit dollars that are leveraged up with derivatives. NUTS…

Bill’s new movie, The Secret of Oz came out on the 1st of October and has already won awards at three different film festivals. It’s on sale now as a DVD for $17.95 plus $5 shipping - Click here to purchase The Secret of Oz DVD. I just purchased one and will offer my review once I see it.

I really support Bill’s efforts. He is one of the few who is digging around at the real roots of the problems. I hope his work gets wide dissemination, the people of America (and the entire globe) need to know that there is a different and better way forward than a privately owned central bank who skim and skim through fraud and deceit. Their ill-gotten gains permeate our political system… that money needs to be separated from our state!