Thursday, November 19, 2009

Martin Armstong - Capital Flight

Interesting paper. Subtitled, "The USA Has Lost its Stature as the Financial Capitol of the World," Martin discusses the possibility of capital simply fleeing this country, which it already has been doing. That, of course, is what all the factories in China are all about. But it runs deeper than that, for sure, so Martin once again touches on his own situation (hey, you would too), and goes lighter on the history and more into analysis of different markets.

He discusses and charts IYR, the commercial real estate fund (I published a chart in my newsletter calling the top when it happened) and talks about real estate in general, then moves onto the financials via XLF, discusses and plots the new bull market in unemployment (lol), and finally he discusses Emerging Markets that have been the recipients of the capital that’s been fleeing. In other words, we crank out dollars and derivatives and our money is used throughout the world in productive efforts, but not here. Is that a bubble? Read on…