Friday, November 20, 2009


Food, Inc. Trailer:

This is another MUST WATCH movie. What is shocking is not just the way our food is handled and mishandled today, it’s how CORPORATIONS AND THEIR MONEY CONTROL POLITICIANS AND JUDGES to create a food system that is, well, as crazy as our debt backed money system. It is dysfunction... it is a symptom of an underlying disease.

But guess what? Both it and our flawed money share a common root cause from my point of view. When you watch Food, Inc., you’ll see a giant PROBLEM. But then when you watch The Secret of Oz, you’ll start to see a giant solution. And when you really start to see how the world is revolving around central banker debt money, then you will begin to see what we can accomplish by changing the flaws behind our money system and by surgically separating corporations and their money from our government.

This film is out on DVD, you can get it from any of your regular movie sources. Please take the time to sit down with your spouse or someone close and watch it. You will be incensed, but you will also be educated and see the need to find meaningful solutions. Those solutions will not be found by either corporations or your government. Those solutions will come by separating corporations FROM our government and by returning to a sound money system.



“The Secret of Oz.”
by Bill Still