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Martin Armstong – Forced to Move to a High Security Prison to Silence Him?


UPDATE: VICTORY HAS BEEN ACHIEVED FOR NOW! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP! The Prison has agreed to back down, please see Martin Armstrong – WE WON!


Frankly, I cannot believe that I have to write the words that follow. I just learned that Martin Armstrong is being moved, possibly as early as Monday, from his current holding facility to a much higher security facility, MDC Brooklyn, which is similar to the facility he was in when he was in solitary confinement and where he was beaten nearly to death! This goes against the prison’s own rules and is against the law as he has two Habeas cases open in the Supreme Court.

Why would this be happening now with a little more than a year before he is eligible for parole? I and others contend that it is because of his recent writing activity and because of his recent interview with the New Yorker Magazine (The New Yorker - "The Secret Cycle…"), and also because there are now several media outlets requesting to do interviews with him – the prison simply does not want, for whatever reason, the access that we have been enjoying lately to continue. I spoke directly to Martin’s younger sister, Nancy, and this is her opinion as well. She is very upset over this move as she, “fears that he may not make it out.” She claims that Martin is very much afraid of this move and for good reason…

First let’s review the facts… whatever you believe about his innocence or guilt or innocence of any crime, the facts are that he was never put on trial for any crime. He was held in contempt of court for not producing what the judge ordered him to produce, something which he claims he didn’t have. He was placed in MDC Manhattan and was basically TORTURED. According to Nancy, he was locked in solitary confinement for almost the entire duration, suffering days on end and at times was intentionally awaken every hour or so all night long, night after night, in an attempt to get him to sign a confession. He was repeatedly told that he would not get the chance to see his 91 year old mother alive again if he did not sign the confession. This took place off and on for SEVEN YEARS. Then one day a huge convict, “a known homicidal maniac” named George, was locked in his cell with him where he proceeded to beat and strangle him until he thought he was dead. Later, according to Armstrong, a fellow inmate stated that the guards watched the beating and refused to open the door to stop it. He lost most of his teeth, and now, over two years later is still missing them because the prison system only has one dentist for over 5,000 inmates. He suffered a detached retina, broken ribs and other internal injuries that left him in intensive care.

They offered him a plea agreement to TIME SERVED if he would plea guilty and after 7 years, he could take no more and agreed, obviously under heavy duress. However, after pleading guilty, the judge instead of living up to the plea agreement sentenced him to the maximum amount allowable and he is now not scheduled for release until September of 2011, first eligible for parole in March 2011. His current location is at Ft. Dix, New Jersey where he is only 20 minutes from his mother and sister, a relatively safe facility. His sister takes his infirmed mother to visit him once a week, but she will not be able to make the journey into Manhattan. He is now under great stress as he believes he may not survive while inside the new location.

Inside this facility, I am told, he will be basically strip searched with nearly every movement, and he is not granted some of the “privileges” that he currently has access to, thus producing his work will be impaired, if not eliminated all together.

The question is WHY would they break their own rules and the law to move him now?

For a refresher, Habeas Corpus is defined as follows: “Habeas corpus (pronounced /ˌheɪbiːəs ˈkɔrpəs/) (Latin: You (shall) have the body) is a legal action, or writ, through which a person can seek relief from their unlawful detention or that of another person. It protects individuals from harming themselves or from being harmed by the judicial system.”

Below is Federal Bureau of Prisons document number p5100.08 that spells out exactly what must be considered before moving an inmate. Preceding the document is the pertinent paragraph for those who have active Habeas cases. This paragraph recites the LAW as it applies here as Armstrong has not one, but TWO Habeas cases at the Supreme Court in his current jurisdiction:

Below is the actual law (Frap 23) regarding Habeus and the proceedures to be followed when transferring prisoners who have pending Habeus cases:

Additionally, below you will find the Rules of the Supreme Court. Rule 36 on page 47 states the following:

How nice of a facility is MDC Brooklyn, the facility they are planning on moving him to? Well, here are three separate articles alleging various forms of abuse:

Documented cases abuse of detainees at MDC Brooklyn
Eleven federal jail guards, including a captain and three lieutenants, were charged yesterday with beating two inmates at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, one so badly, officials said, that a pool of his blood and bits of his hair lay on the floor of his cell when it was over.

The guards were also charged with covering up the beatings by filing false reports that blamed the inmates for having instigated the attacks. Eight of them pleaded not guilty yesterday at arraignments in Federal District Court in Brooklyn and were released on bail. The three others are expected to be arraigned in federal court within days.

Federal Prison Guards Facing Civil Rights Violations
Prosecutors say in November 2002, Lopresti, Rosebery, Tassio, Peterson and Santana participated in a planned attack on a former MDC inmate, identified in the indictment as John Doe #1, in his cell, and the subsequent cover-up. The attack, led by Lopresti, was carried out in retaliation for the inmate having "disrespected" Lopresti earlier that day by failing to heed Lopresti's request to remove a t-shirt that was wrapped around the inmate's head.

During the attack, the officers repeatedly struck, kicked and beat the inmate, leaving a pool of blood and clumps of the inmate's dreadlocks on the floor of the cell. The officers allegedly sought to disguise the retaliatory attack by tying the inmate's bedsheet into a noose and wrapping it around the bars of the cell's window in order to make it appear that the inmate had tried to hang himself. In written reports about the incident, the officers falsely claimed that the inmate had become combative as they attempted to prevent the inmate from committing suicide, thereby prompting the officers' use of force against him.

During the subsequent investigation conducted by the Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General, Tassio initially admitted that her written report was false and that the inmate had not tried to kill himself, but later recanted and re-asserted the charged false claim about the attempted suicide.

America’s internal “gulag”

…While in jail, he was denied dental care and was unable to eat his food properly [Sound like what is happening to Armstrong?]. He was also diabetic, but was deprived of his medication for as long as three months. His blood sugar was high and he complained that his feet were numb. When he went on a seven-day hunger strike, vowing to continue until he died, he was thrown into solitary confinement and had his glasses taken away so he could not see.

The Brooklyn MDC is known to be particularly brutal. The New York Times and the Daily News carried reports earlier this year that detainees were slammed against the wall and had their arms, wrists, and fingers twisted and bent. Another common practice was to step on the detainees’ leg restraints. At the same time, the detainees were threatened and verbally abused. A report by the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Justice wrote, “According to detainees, the verbal abuse included taunts such as ‘Bin Laden Junior’ or threats such as ‘you’re going to die here.’ ” Some Muslim detainees were denied any visitation rights for up to 90 days for praying.

Some of the abuses were caught on the jail’s surveillance tapes. The Daily News reported, “Inspector General Glenn Fine, whose staff reviewed 380 MDC videotapes, reported in 2003 that ‘These tapes substantiated many of the detainees’ allegations.’ Furthermore, the officers were not just a few bad apples but ‘a significant percentage of those who had regular contact with the detainees,’ Fine wrote last March.”

Think Armstrong will be able to produce those papers in that environment? His thoughts will not be on our economy, the rule of law, what’s happening to gold, or any such thinking… instead he will be focusing on SURVIVAL.

Did you know this type of thing was happening in America TODAY? Or, do we ignore it, blowing it off as the guilty getting their “just rewards?” I ask you, is this Armstrong’s “just rewards?”

- Last paragraph of "Looking Behind the Curtain - The Real Conspiracy…" April 9, 2009 Paper by Martin Armstong

Keep in mind that at no time in the history of mankind has a country held in prison a larger percentage of the population than we do now (not even South Africa during Apartheid), nor has their been a higher rate of conviction among those put on trial by our government, one of the very statistics that typically elevates the closer to the end of the current “empire” a nation is (this is because it shows that balance has been lost and that the government is exercising greater control):

There are people who are seeking new legal help for Martin on this issue as the law is clearly not being followed. Below is a plea for help from supporters of Armstrong and his family:

They are requesting that everyone please PHONE, EMAIL, AND FAX the following people to remind them of their responsibility to uphold the law and to protect Armstrong. The two primary people to contact here is his current Warden, Donna Zikefoose, who has, without consulting the judge as required by law, signed the order to move him. The other important contact is Traci Billingsley as she is the Public Information Officer of the entire Bureau of Prisons. This is the type of publicity I am sure they do not like.

We have now included contact information for the Judges as well. We appreciate taking the time to work on BOTH angles to increase the odds that we stop their planned movement.

Please do what you can. Send faxes, send emails, and call their phones on Monday and ask to talk to them! Ask them why the rule of law is not being followed in Martin’s case! Also please provide a link to this post on other blogs you follow, thank you.

ATTENTION: An update on Armstrong's situation with new contact information and strategy are included. I really appreciate everyone who puts in a few minutes to do this, it's very important for Martin! LINK: Armstrong Update!

Please consider the following poem:

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me.

- Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)