Sunday, November 29, 2009

Martin Armstrong Update and More Info…


UPDATE: VICTORY HAS BEEN ACHIEVED FOR NOW! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP! The Prison has agreed to back down, please see Martin Armstrong – WE WON!

As of the time of this post, thankfully, Martin has not yet been moved. But we are learning a little bit more where this attempt to move him is coming from. Here is some information sent to me from a supporters of Armstrong who have knowledgeable on the inner working of Ft. Dix, and also are familiar with all of Martin’s legal cases and are in contact with an attorney who is going to start legal proceedings on the subject of this move on Monday. We have now consolidated all the contact information and proceedures onto the following three pages:

Page number 2 contains a new strategy for contacting the Judges who have legal oversight of Armstrong’s movement because of his Habeas cases. Page 3 is the contact information for people within the prison system. I would ask that everyone please take a few minutes of your time to contact these people as suggested. Once notified, these people will not be able to claim they didn’t know what was happening. THANK YOU for your efforts to contact him!

For those interested, below is the actual Habeas that is open in the Supreme Court:

This information has also been included in the prior post on this situation…