Monday, November 30, 2009

Martin Armstrong – WE WON!

Can you believe it? In the face of overwhelming pressure from YOU, the Department of Prisons backed down and agreed to keep Martin where he is! My understanding is that they just want to make the calling STOP!

Thank you to everyone who did, you may have just saved him from a terrible fate. I hope everyone realizes how RARE this event is. The Prison system is used to working in SECRET and they do stuff like this all the time according to my sources. Well, we shined a spot light on them and as soon as we did, they were forced to back down. This is a great example of the power that people possess and they don’t even know they possess it. It is, quite unfortunately, going to be very important that we use this power in the future again, and I’m sure that the next fight won’t be as easily won. That’s because the abuse in our prison system is a SYMPTOM of a much larger problem, that problem is rooted in our economy, in our money system, and in our failure to follow the rule of law.

Now then, we are still using the attorney to file a protective order for Martin, as we want to hold them to their word. The prisons are notorious for providing RETRIBUTION against prisoners who make waves – we must ensure that does not happen!

Also, there are other battles still to be fought! On the bigger issue of Martin being there to begin with, there is a law that prohibits courts from not honoring time served when they are sentenced. The judge in Martin’s case did not give credit for his time served while he was held in contempt of court as he made up his own exclusion to the rule… that exclusion does not exist in the law and the law says that the judge SHALL honor all forms of time served (shall is a mandatory word, I have a copy of the law coming). Then there’s the battle for punishment that is CRUEL and UNUSUAL. How come, three years after being beaten nearly to death, does he not have his teeth fixed?

And so, we may need your help again to get them to do what’s right. In the mean time, we can deservedly celebrate a clear VICTORY in keeping him safe for now! THANK YOU!

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