Monday, November 9, 2009

The Still Report…

Still Reporting on the economy, it’s Bill Still of Money Masters fame and the producer of “The Secret of Oz.”

I just watched the Secret of Oz this weekend and can tell you that he is on the right path, it’s a terrific movie, one that ties together the history of money, our current problems, and solutions that would work. This clip touches on some points, but the movie does an even better job of explaining how our money can be non-debt based and at the same time still not produce inflation by creating self-correcting and other controls to manage the quantity of money.

Money production and control belongs in the hands of the people… it is us, the people of the nation who own that system, not a few private bankers. But Bill makes a great point in that there still needs to be private banks! That's why he points to models like that used by the Bank of North Dakota.