Thursday, November 5, 2009

Texas – Morals and Ethics in Politics… NOT!

As this country slides into the economic morass, keep in mind that leadership always begins at the top. Morals and ethics are certainly no exception. When we look back and see what went wrong, we need to take a real hard look at our society and the way we think.

Perhaps these politicians were all raised in Dr. Spock homes, their parents never taught them the difference between right on wrong. Their teachers and principals were not allowed to perform “corporal punishment.” Their role models were Bill Clinton, a liar who would weasel his way around, and George Bush Junior who lied to the world and justified the killing of thousands. And we expect that our financial system would govern itself, would keep itself in check?

We are truly a lost society, that footage proves it. Wave C down, Kondratieff’s winter, the Fourth Turning, the end of an era, a “cycle…” Whatever one calls it, change is coming, and while I’m thinking that it can get much worse, in the end it’s going to bring a much needed cleansing.