Thursday, December 10, 2009

FREEDOM’S VISION – Introduction…

The only thing to fear is that history repeats and tyranny follows a melt down... we are going to sow the seeds of truth. Once planted, the truth will be obvious and the seeds will grow. We are NOT powerless to affect REAL change. It's coming; this is an opportunity, not something to fear.

- Nathan A. Martin

“It’s not WHAT backs our Money, it’s WHO CONTROLS the QUANTITY!”

- Bill Still


America, along with most of the world, is standing on the precipice of monumental change. The EVENTS that accompany this change are about to cascade upon and around the globe.

These HISTORICAL alterations WILL OCCUR due to the mathematical limitations of our interest-bearing debt-backed money system. This window of change is both a CRISIS and an OPPORTUNITY. The PEOPLE of the world have a choice to make, and THEY MUST MAKE IT SOON!

Fortunately, the choice is an easy one to make. On one side are the dark and secretive self-serving forces of GREED and EVIL. And on the other side is the transparent and illuminating force of GOOD, it is a self-preserving force that is found within FREE people’s collective souls - the very same energy that propels Americans' strong spirit of exploration and advancement.

FREEDOM is a choice followed by a responsibility. It is both collective and individual in its nature. You can choose, for example, to assume debt and thus to sacrifice your personal freedom. Collectively we have the same choice. What is NOT tolerable is when the greed of a few forces debt upon the masses and thus robs them of their freedom! It is our collective responsibility to make the appropriate corrections.

Our VISION OF FREEDOM includes the task of untangling the web of DEBT and DERIVATIVES that saturate our lives.

- It will provide IMMEDIATE RELIEF to every U.S. Citizen by reducing their debt burden thereby freeing up incomes that will propel the economy forward.

- When people’s balance sheets are repaired, in turn it will provide great relief for businesses and for banks who will be cleansed and who WILL go on to survive and thrive.

- We can and will provide immediate debt relief and a sustainable path forward for each and every State in the Union.

- The Federal Government need not live under the mounting pressures of never ending DEBT.

YES, it is possible to do all these things, the RIGHT and JUST THINGS, and to do them WITHOUT creating severe inflation or deflation; without creating a supreme moral hazard; and without crashing the entire global system getting from here to there.

While this seems to be a tall order, it simply returns to us to the place we should have been all along. The moral hazards, the monetization, the DEBTS, and the derivatives that exist already are what are hard to believe. UNFATHOMABLE, in fact!

THIS IS A KEY CONCEPT: Deleveraging the paper economy gives the world an OPPORTUNITY to turn the deflationary forces of clearing out the leverage into a COUNTER FORCE AND DIRECTIONAL CHANGE. Our world is built on an unsustainable platform of debt and leverage. One way or another, this over-leveraged system is going to crash and be replaced by something else. Those who believe in the march of human freedom have a historic opportunity to guide human kind into a new money system that is sustainable because it is JUST.

Based upon a program that realistically controls the quantity of money, the needs of the world can be met monetarily, allowing PRICES to remain steady overall AND over time. REAL ECONOMIC GROWTH is thus accommodated but growth in prices is not. Shocks are absorbed, but then cleansed. In this way, a dynamically stable and enduring system is built.

Many of us tend to lament our economic state. We feel powerless against seemingly insurmountable odds and the twisted complexities of economics. Many will question our ability to implement change of this magnitude, just as people underestimated the ability of a ragtag bunch of American colonists to break free of the debt money system of the world’s preeminent military power of the eighteenth century – and yet they did. Collectively we do have the POWER to turn FEAR into a future of FREEDOM and PROSPERITY.

How do you turn FEAR into FREEDOM?
1. By acknowledging that which is real.

2. By discovering the true and common roots of the problems - the rest of the events are simply symptoms and will go away when the disease is cured.

3. By TAKING ACTION to fix the root problems.
The greatest power a nation has is its RULE OF LAW. Even the GOLDen RULE is not more powerful! If it were, then the nations of the world that produce the most gold would have the strongest economies, and yet that’s not what we find in the real world. In the real world, the nations that have the strongest rule of law are the ones that prosper! Let me ask, WHO is ultimately responsible for enforcing the rule of law? Is it not YOU? WHY, YES IT IS! YOU are the check and the balance. In fact, ONLY YOU ultimately have the POWER to turn fear into freedom by setting and upholding the rule of law. Not just any law, there are laws that are JUST and there are laws that are made on behalf of special interests. When the laws get so out of balance that they favor a narrow group of people over the many, then it is the obligation of the People to restore proper balance with regards to the law.

The People of the United States of America have been told to hang on tight and to HOPE for CHANGE – that solutions to their debt problems are coming. And what happened? The banks were flooded with cash, the central bankers continued to pay out Billions of YOUR dollars to themselves in bonuses and here we all sit, BURIED under a MOUNTAIN OF DEBT. Not to worry, you are told, more credit (DEBT) is on the way.

While people need to dream, to set and to have goals, the condition of hope is a condition of waiting for someone who believes they hold POWER OVER YOU to come and rescue you. That is simply NOT the way that AMERICANS ARE. We stand up to face our problems, we set goals to overcome our problems, and then we set about doing so. Americans have the AUDACITY TO TAKE ACTION, not the audacity to hope that someone else does.

There are currently two ROOT PROBLEMS that plague the United States:
1. Our current money system is comprised almost entirely of debt backed money. This system is only 38 years old and yet it has already reached the limits of mathematical growth. The economy, on every level, is saturated with debt. There is not enough income to mathematically EVER repay this debt, and thus CHANGE IS GOING TO HAPPEN, whether we like it or not, or whether we believe it or not. Any system that is designed in such a manner is mathematically destined to fail from conception.

2. We have lost sight of the purpose of CORPORATIONS. The concept of a corporation first came about when Europe was exploring the new world. This was a very expensive and risk filled proposition, wealthy individuals could lose everything by losing a ship at sea and subsequently having family members of the deceased sue them. Thus the necessary capital for exploration and advancement dried up. And out of that came the concept of limited liability. Thus the Corporation was born as a way to serve mankind so that exploration could continue.

Today, corporations seem to have risen to a special place, one that is higher than man. This is because capital has concentrated so greatly that corporations use their money to influence politicians and to write laws in their favor. Yes, this is an extension of the Golden Rule, whereby those with the gold make the rules. But it is now at such an extreme that politicians on the national stage cannot get elected without massive infusions of their money – and thus there is a circle that feeds into them and makes them even larger and more powerful.
These two root problems are now intertwined as some of the largest corporations in America are the ones who are producing and controlling the quantity of our money. They use their vast money to buy BOTH SIDES of political issues thus ensuring that their interests are represented. This super representation has got to stop as it affords a few individuals power and control over the majority who do not have the same access. This is NOT how our political system is supposed to work. This is why our solution addresses BOTH of these key issues – a sustainable future will not exist unless the balance of power is restored – that political and power balance will help to bring the quantity of money back under control as well.

Quite literally, the QUANTITY OF MONEY IS OUT OF CONTROL, especially when one considers the shadow banking world of derivatives. Just look at how quickly the math of debt went from millions to billions and now on to trillions. Did YOUR income advance by a like amount? No! And that is exactly why the inflationary math of debt backed money does not work.

To understand the history of how we got to where we are in this regard, we are suggesting that all Americans view Bill Still’s new movie, that is now no longer banned on Amazon, “The Secret of Oz”.

To understand the mathematics behind DEBT and how our money and debt system have grown out of control, we are suggesting that everyone Spend some Time with the Good Dr. Bartlett…

While the mechanics of how our money system works are complex, there are some basic properties our current version of the dollar has (we are on our 5th + version of the dollar now):
- First, let’s talk about FIAT. Fiat simply means “by decree,” usually by a King or by government. Thus ALL MONEY that is either supplied by the government, or that the government agrees may be used in conducting trade is “fiat.” Even money that is backed by a commodity is still allowed by governmental decree, and is therefore fiat money. The difference is that it is made from or is backed by a commodity.

- One feature of our current dollar is that it is FRACTIONAL in nature. For every dollar a bank holds, they can lend out more than just that dollar. This feature, known as fractional reserve banking, by itself, is not necessarily inflationary, IF the fractional ability is held constant. What has happened in our system is that derivatives and other means have allowed the EFFECTIVE RESERVE PORTION of the fraction to diminish to near zero resulting in banks that are now way overleveraged.

- Another feature of our dollar is that it is debt based. Every dollar in our system is borrowed into existence. When the government issues dollars, they borrow it from lenders first by selling bonds – all at interest. Most people do not realize this. They think the government merely prints the money and sends it out into the world. Interestingly, they think that to be the case, because that is, in fact, the only equitable way for a nation to create its national money supply.

- Those who benefit from the current system – mostly big banks – have done a splendid job of creating the illusion that the government does issue the money. That’s why they named the Federal Reserve System to sound like a government agency when the U.S. Supreme Court and other Federal Courts have ruled that it is no more federal than Federal Express.
So the truth is that all our money – with the exception of coin money – is borrowed into existence at interest! This interest mathematically erodes the value of money over time and is why the central banks always want more and more as they take and take. This one feature, more than any other, is what dooms our government and our lives to a cycle of debt and ever increasing PRICES, the root of inflation. This feature of our dollar simply does NOT have to exist and never did!

This brings us to Bill Still’s quote from The Secret of Oz, “It’s not WHAT backs our money, it’s WHO CONTROLS its QUANTITY!”

There are four key words in that sentence that are simple to understand:
WHAT – The problem is that our money is now backed by debt. In the past, our dollar has been backed simply by the rule of law, debt free – supported by the “good faith and credit of the United States.” Such was the case with Colonial Script or Lincoln’s Greenbacks. The dollar has also been backed by both gold and by silver. While those who support commodity backed money have the right idea in that they seek to control the quantity of money, this has proven to be much harder in practice than in reality and is why today no modern country uses commodities to back their money. Yes, it is possible to create the national money debt free AND to control the quantity of money. What most reasonable people can agree is that of all the things NOT to have behind our money, debt is it!

WHO – There are two choices here, the government who represents the collective People, or the bankers who represent themselves as individuals. Currently it is the BANKERS who issue and control the quantity of money, not the government as most are led to believe. By design, the system is backed by debt and PRIVATE central bankers collect interest payments on the debt backed money from YOU. In other words, big banks get to collect hundreds of billions of dollars annually just so we can have the “privilege” of trading for goods with their private debt-based money. We know this sounds harsh, but it is true! This system concentrates the money power into the hands of a few allowing them control over politics and works to MINIMIZE FREEDOM for the vast majority of Americans.

CONTROL – Here’s the simple truth – NO SYSTEM OF MONEY has ultimately withstood the test of time. WHY? Could it be that regardless of WHAT backs the money or WHO controls the quantity, any time that the quantity of money gets out of control CONFIDENCE will eventually be lost? Of course. But throughout history, some systems have fared better than others. Is it possible to have the advantages of flexibility and to still keep prices under control? We think so, and we’re going to spell out how.

QUANTITY – Too little quantity and the economy will suffer. Too much quantity and the economy will also suffer, just in a different way. Finding the right balance, then, is where a sustainable and productive system will be found.

The problem would be MUCH simpler if one were starting from scratch. But we live in a world that is extremely interconnected and one that is filled with debt and derivatives of all kinds. This complicates matters greatly. Even if one were to place the perfect money into circulation they would still have to deal with:

- A $12 Trillion national debt, growing exponentially and now headed for $14 Trillion by the end of 2010.

- Individuals who are saturated with debt while the value of their assets are falling, and dreams of retirement fade.

- States on the brink of bankruptcy when the law doesn’t even have provisions for that.

- Many municipalities on the brink of bankruptcy.

- A broken Social Security system with Trillions in unfunded liabilities.

- A broken Medicare system with many more Trillions in unfunded liabilities.

- Trillions in questionable loans that saturate Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the FHA.

- Literally Hundreds of Trillions in derivatives, infesting every nook and cranny of the globe.

- A stock market that has turned into a casino where the market makers rig the game to take your money regardless of the outcome. These markets have forgotten their purpose.

- Crumbling infrastructure with expert’s estimates of needing a couple more Trillion in the next five years just to maintain what we have.

And the list goes on, and on, and on. Simply stated, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY, without major changes, that all that can ever be paid, especially when our money is backed by debt.

How do we get from THAT to a sustainable and productive system going forward? One thing’s for certain, it WON’T BE EASY. But, we believe that it IS DOABLE, and the sooner we start, the less pain we will all have to endure. And don’t be fooled by your own personal situation if you are personally getting by okay today – there is your children’s and grandchildren’s futures to consider, and there are many, many people who are in dire need of help NOW, not at some fantasy filled point in the future.

Look for more information coming soon, to include information on gold backed money and why it’s included it in our equation but we do not base everything upon it. In other words, please hold your gold backed money questions and comments for later, we will answer those. We will also be providing more on why these changes need to happen now and we will be laying out our strategy to get these ideas implemented with YOUR backing and support. We are going to be introducing a new and powerful strategy we call “Swarm Politics!” WE are all a part of this strategy, and we’ll explain exactly what this is in our next installment of Freedom’s Vision.

We do NOT have to sit back and just watch DEBT driven events unfold. When it comes to these issues, WE are not Republicans, WE are not Democrats, WE are AMERICANS - WE STAND STRONG AND WE STAND FREE!

Artwork by AZ Rainman