Saturday, December 12, 2009


“It’s not WHAT backs our Money, it’s WHO controls the QUANTITY!”
- Bill Still


What’s clear is that the QUANTITY of money is out of control. Since our money is backed by debt, debt is also out of control.

History shows that when this happens certain historical “events” tend to follow. We would like to avoid those events, this is our goal.

Some people believe that those events need to transpire before enough people will rise up to make the necessary changes. But we believe that YOU HAVE the POWER to make it happen NOW.

No, it won’t be easy. But like all things complex, it’s much easier if we break things down into their constituent parts and handle them one at a time. Take the cockpit of a large airliner for example – knobs, switches, and dials everywhere. This is very overwhelming for a novice to understand at first glance. But conquer each switch, each dial one at a time, and the next thing you know it no longer seems so overwhelming. The essence of Swam Politics is the same, SWARM to conquer ONE AT A TIME.

Take, for example, the pressure we placed on the Federal Department of Prisons regarding their intended illegal move of Martin Armstrong. This was a wrong that was so compelling that word quickly spread and literally thousands of people flooded the prison and judges’ phones, fax lines, and emails. We effectively shut them down to the point that they agreed not to move him and simply said, “Make it STOP!”

And at the same time this was going on, had banned Bill Still’s movie, The Secret of Oz. Again, thousands of people wrote in and let Amazon know, in no uncertain terms, that their actions were unacceptable and if they didn’t knock it off then a boycott of Amazon would follow. Again, under heavy pressure from YOU, they capitulated.

We didn’t just sign our names on a petition. We didn’t get down on our knees and beg our corporate sponsored politician to please help us out. No, we took the action directly to the source, and you may note that capitulation occurred rather quickly. To begin with, WHAT WE WERE ASKING FOR WAS JUST. We were on the right side of the argument and they knew it. They knew that if they resisted that it would only get worse and worse. In fact, sales of The Secret of Oz skyrocketed as a result of their impropriety.

Out of these successes was born the concept of “Swarm Politics.”

The two root problems at the heart of our financial crisis are: 1. Debt backs our money; and 2. Mammoth and overleveraged banks and their money are entangled with and control government, thus encouraging the quantity of money to get out of control. If we wish to affect change in this regard, we must acknowledge the realities of our political world. The wealthy large corporations in America today finance the multi-million dollar campaigns that are now necessary for politicians to run and to hold office on the national level. This is a large part of the entanglement mentioned above.

How leveraged and out of control are these behemoth banks? According to the latest OCC Report (Treasury’s Comptroller of the Currency), JPMorgan Chase holds $80 Trillion in derivatives all by themselves! This is an amount of notional value equal to 6.5 years of the entire gross national output of the United States, in just one bank! Their derivatives outweigh their own assets by 48 times! Goldman Sachs’ derivatives outweigh their assets by a startling 367 times! The top 5 banks control 90% of the TRACKED derivatives in the United States:

These derivatives are nothing less than ticking time bombs. There are very little real assets backing them. The banks have used them to pay themselves huge bonuses and to take your productive efforts in the form of present and future tax dollars. They also use the money THEY CREATED to control our government who is now complicit in sweeping bad assets under the rug at your and our country’s expense.

These behemoth banks control other corporations that have all become puppets of the New York money center banks. They use Republican/ Democrat labels to box in issues and to encapsulate the “solution” as either ‘this’ (liberal) or ‘that’ (conservative). Of course sometimes the real solution lies entirely outside of their box, much like the solutions we are proposing. TRUTH and JUSTICE simply don’t matter to corporations for they are NOT people – they are profit centers, not that there’s anything wrong with that! To be clear, we are not against corporations or business, we believe that capital needs to concentrate for a healthy economy, but these supposedly “too big to fail” companies have taken complete control. These non-human cash rich entities have garnered many times more influence in politics than do the humans who in a Republic are supposed to be running the show!

In this way, we have become servants to corporations and their big banking masters, instead of the original intent which is that corporations serve man so that exploration and ventures otherwise too large for an individuals can be financed and accomplished in a group effort.

Corporate interests are not dumb. They simply create or possess the money to buy BOTH SIDES of the issues, thus ensuring their voice is represented regardless of the outcome – Republican/ Democrat. They are profit driven and so they take advantage because people LET THEM! Now it’s time to restore balance.

Making headway against the current tide of money will be difficult inside of conventional channels. Thus the idea for a third party was born.

But let’s face facts. Third parties do not have a good track record against the corporate backed “mainstream” of our current two party system. Sure, they can bring attention to the issues, but actually affecting change is quite rare. And so, it’s time to try something different – to develop a strategy that stands a chance of success in the real world.

The idea here is to first present a plan that is both FAIR and JUST, one that restores balance and lays a solid long term foundation so that our nation, and even the world, can thrive and prosper. We do not claim to have all the answers and thus we are open to improving our ideas and will be seeking your input as this plan is presented. When people have transparency and can contribute, then they will be more likely to participate, open their minds, and can find a way to “buy in.”


The goal of Swarm Politics is to effect monetary and political reform. Frankly, we don’t care who or what party supports our concepts and ideas, the point is that they get implemented!

The strategy then is to garner support. Who is most likely to support our proposals? Those who see and understand the problems this country faces, along with those who are most in need of relief! Can you image being a state Governor who is facing billions in shortfalls with no solution in sight? There are many politicians on all levels who are floundering for real solutions.

Imagine, if you will, a year-long campaign moving from one state to the next, 50 states in one year, one per week. We start with the weakest states first, those hardest hit by the financial crisis. We locate and target all that state’s top politicians including their Federal level Congressional and Senate representatives. We approach one at a time and respectfully present the benefits of our ideas and ask for their support – in swarm fashion, of course. Should we receive their support, great! We would then take them into our fold and would guarantee them our support – the backing of all of YOU. Then we move onto the next, and so on.

However, should we not receive a politician’s support, then we SWARM them with thousands and thousands of people all writing, faxing, phoning, emailing, visiting, basically overwhelming their offices and staff in a campaign that will simply not let up until they support our worthy cause. Key people will stay on the “call list” longer. Should they fail to offer support, then the outcome for them is known – their job is at risk!

This populist movement – and be careful to draw the distinction – this is a “populist” movement, not a “progressive” movement - WILL support ANY candidate who in turn supports this plan – Democrat, Republican, or third party, doesn’t matter. If elections are soon approaching or are in progress, the FIRST to support our plan will receive our backing. If no candidate for an open office supports our plan, then we will run our own third party candidate for that position. They will have the instant advantage of a sizable contingent who supports this movement. The number of supporters will inevitably swell as people realize what this plan will mean for them, their family, and their country. If incumbent politicians wish to keep their job, they simply would be wise to support this initiative. Otherwise they will be looking for work elsewhere – it’s as simple as that.

Swarming is aggressive in nature, and it is out in the open. Those who support the plan before the swarm will be rewarded with support. Those who offer their support under the pressure of the swarm will be rewarded with support in return. Those who resist will hopefully be removed from office come election time. Once we find success in a few of the hard hit areas our tactics will become known. This will work to our advantage as everyone will see the SWARM coming. The smart ones will jump into the swarm and go along for the ride. In this way there is a progression… this strategy will get more effective as it grows. The hardest part will be getting the backing of the first few targets.

Of course there will be resistance, but what can they do? Our tactics, while aggressive, are not illegal, they are not violent, and they allow everyone to be active and involved if they simply contribute a few minutes of their time each week in support of the SWARM. They can even do so from the comfort of their own home. Yes, we would like to meet with politicians and have PEACEFUL events in each state, but the bulk of the swarm will be doing so electronically over public communication channels.

This is not simply putting your name on some petition… No, YOU WILL BE DEMANDING that every politician REPRESENT THE PEOPLE for who they truly work. In this way, we are not just limiting our contact to OUR OWN representative. We are all contacting everyone’s representatives, one at a time to DEMAND that they STAND UP and do what is right for this country and its PEOPLE.

We will organize in each state quickly and only temporarily, but we will return to a state if necessary. We will locate key politicians and will disseminate their PUBLIC contact information on the web via our network of bloggers and others who support this cause. At the end of each week, we roll over to the next state, not forgetting those left behind in the last state that refused. Those individuals will remain on the list and the list of contacts to SWARM will grow. As time and experience are gained, we will get better and more efficient with our swarm techniques.

Frankly, there is going to be every reason in the world for politicians to want to support this proposal, and there will be only one reason for them NOT to – the influence of big money, be it corporate, or the big banks behind them. We encourage politicians to look at the level playing field it will create and how our proposal benefits everyone – individuals, state and local governments, businesses, banks, the Federal Government, and even other countries around the world.

In summary, we will:

- Get our proposal out and then get organized.

- Start a one year long 50 state campaign.

- Target key politicians one state at a time.

- Start with the weakest states first, target all their top state politicians, including their Federal level Congressional and Senate representatives. Present them the plan and ask that they support it while showing how it would benefit them and their constituents.
Those who do not endorse it, we target them one at a time with a focused campaign in an attempt to garner their support. Should they not back Freedom's Vision, we let them know that we don’t care who supports it, Republican, Democrat, or third party. The candidate who first endorses this plan is the one that is going to get the People’s backing, and the rest are going to be looking elsewhere for employment! If we roll a few, then the snowball is started, especially if we convince a state Governor to support it.

Then it starts gaining steam and getting new supporters will become easier. They will know our tactics, but what can they do? Eventually politicians know they are next in line and simply join in.

We will focus on our targets one at a time, so as to literally overwhelm their office until they capitulate. If no candidate backs us, then we look to run a third person against them who our supporters can get behind. This is SWARM politics… this stands a good chance of affecting change in the real world, especially if events in the economy begin to heat up. Yes, this is a blatant frontal attack… either they join the side that’s JUST or they lose their job.

This tactic is being presented before the release of the main body of ideas so that we don’t have to release so much information at once. Again, one piece at a time… but when it comes to the body of the plan, all the parts work together, so they must come to you all as one. We will still work together to improve them later.

Remember, Americans have the AUDACITY TO TAKE ACTION, not the audacity to hope that someone else will.

Artwork by AZ Rainman